Pregnancy and Cosplay

A2-D2 and I definitely learned a few things by switching blog topics for 6 months, and most of what we learned is where our true passions lie.  But we also learned how to find awesomeness in places we never typically go.  A2-D2 was quite honest in admitting that Cosplay just isn't her thing, but she was right that I had a number of topics that I was excited about blogging about once we switched back ...I even slipped her a few of them when I was too excited to contain myself.  So, let's get right back into Cosplay and talk about a small body image issue I've been having recently - i.e. Pregnancy.

I am going to admit something to you because we're friends; I've had a really hard time watching myself gain weight through pregnancy.  Though there were some moments where it was more difficult to accept than others, one of the times where it was difficult to find the "silver lining" was when attending Comic Con in October.

Here's why pregnancy cosplay was difficult for me:

1) There are not many pregnancy options to begin with - truly.  Think of your favorite pregnant's a little more difficult than you'd think.  When I was going through this mental list, I came up with:
 - Amy from "Amy's Choice" Doctor Who Episode
 - Padame
 - Or a super creative Cosplay from scratch which has some great commentary on a fandom (see left)

2) You cannot build a cosplay. I was wearing regular clothes for the first 5 full months (i.e. I was able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes with the help of an extender) then BAM! Body change.  1 month before Comic Con, I was having to wear maternity pants and starting to have the stereotypical pregnancy waddle that is accompanied by a desire to sit often and always being hot....even if it is cold.  I wanted to be as comfortable as possible at Comic Con with the least amount of layers possible. With my body changing this much, building a costume from scratch was out of the question.  As soon as I would cut fabric, I would have had to let it out!

3)You will not want complicated anything. I thought about being super creative by going as Krang from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (a variation on the picture to your right)...but then I received great advice.  Everyone will want to touch your belly.  Strangers will want to touch your belly.  Do not draw even more attention to your belly!  This was good because I had the sleep drive of a champ meaning I wanted to sleep forever, whenever, and wherever I was!  Not having to build was a blessing, I'm not sure I could have stayed awake for creativity!

4) I'm only planning this once. All of the cosplay that I have or that are in progress have the capacity for multiple wears. I'm not planning on being pregnant for a while (if ever), and I did not want to invest the time or money that I do into standard cosplay.  Once I came to this realization, my life was much easier.  I started looking at clothes with my double up rule from my Jenny Cosplay.  i.e. what can be re-purposed.  What was the result? Juno.

Pants: maternity jeans (no cost because they are already in my wardrobe, and trust me, they are used often)
Shoes: reuse of the Jenny Flint boots (no cost because they are already in my wardrobe and are multipurpose)
Skirt: $12 Target.  I'm hoping that I can dye this and alter it to make it reusable in a future cosplay, but just in case I cannot, we will assume the cost stays.
Jacket: $20 Target.  No cost - (1) because who doesn't need a light jacket and (2) this will most likely be deconstructed for a future cosplay.  Even if deconstruction doesn't happen, it will be utilized in my wardrobe.
Shirt: already owned; no cost!

What was great about this Comic Con was the lack of focus on me.  When I went with Vastra, we had photos taken so often that we became a little hostile at the end of the day I can admit that to you because we're friends.  With this cosplay, I still felt like I was participating, but I didn't feel pressure to participate in a ton of photos!  For a while, I did stress about the grey being the primary color
rather than the colors used in the publicity photos for the film, but the ease of cosplay during pregnancy was my number one priority!  Total cost of the cosplay?  We're going to say $12.  I'm not 100% sure the skirt will be reused, but everything else can go into my general wardrobe. I'm saying that this is a win!

I'm looking forward to discussing cosplay with you more in 2015!  I plan on attending Fan Days Dallas in February and possibly the Louisiana comic con in Bossier City as well as the May Comic Con in Dallas.  We'll have to see what budget (and Amelia) allow.  Until next time, stay exceptionally chic!

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