Welcome Stormageddon: The Conclusion

A few weeks ago, I shared with you my desire to cross stitch something for Amelia's nursery door. Before A2-D2 and I switch back blog topics, I wanted to make sure that I followed up with you and let you know how the project ended!

Quick recap: I've always loved cross stitching, but I've never learned to make my own patterns.  I decided to use Amelia as a guinea pig on creating cross stitch patterns.  You can download the "Welcome Stormageddon" pattern on our Dropbox here.

I've officially completed the pattern and wanted to share a few things with you.  Firstly, the finished product:

It still needs some time to straighten out, but I was quite pleased with it.  I mounted it to a foam      8.5 x 11 craft page so that when we hung it on Amelia's door it would not make any noise if bumped.

Here are some things to note:

Based on the pattern and the weave of cross stitch material I utilized, ever 8 stitches = 0.5 inches

I used a pencil and traced the straight edges of what I wanted to be included in the mount.  Since I was not going to be framing it and having the luxury of hiding rough edges, the straight lines were necessary.

If you plan on doing cross stitch for a hobby, get this stuff! It's Fray-Stop.  You place it along the rough edges of your fabric to prevent fraying.  I lined the entire piece in this since it would be mounted on top of the foam paper and would not have a frame to protect it from fraying.

Finally, a thread listing. All colors are DCM Floss:

Tardis Blue: 824
Light Blue: 813
Red Letters: 3801
Black: 310

See you next week for Cosplay Wednesday!

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