Engineering Flight Suit: Kaylee Frye

Kaylee's primary article of clothing is her flight jumpsuit which she wears atop her ever-changing brightly patterned shirts.  When I told The Captain that I would be cosplaying Kaylee, he became adamant that if I "was going to Cosplay Kaylee, I was going to do it right."   What does "right" mean?  I learned that there are jumpsuits specifically designed for flight engineers, and Kaylee wouldn't wear just any jumpsuit.  I was also informed by The Captain that Kaylee's jumpsuit is not called a jumpsuit - it's a flight suit.

As aviation developed and unheated open cockpit, there became a need for a flight suit that provided both warmth and storage for the numerous items pilots needed during flight. These pockets needed to be accessible from a seated position and needed snaps or zippers to secure all of the items during flight.  It is a practical assumption from The Captain that this is what Kaylee would need/want/wear.  He could also identify that from the show, but that's just his aviation nerd showing.

In order to obtain the "correct" jumpsuit, we visited an army surplus store.  I was able to purchase a medium flight suit (the smallest they had), but it will require some significant alteration as (1) I am not a man so my crotch is at a different "height" and (2) I'm not a 6 foot tall man either.  So, I will be looking at both taking in the sides of the flightsuit so that it fits my frame more appropriately as well as taking in at the shoulders to make sure that my waist and crotch are seated at the correct location.  If you're willing to drop a few dollars (think $200 +) in order to avoid going to a surplus store, you can shop and Gibson and Barnes.  If you're like me and you'd like to save a bit, you can also shop surplus online through,, or Colemans Military Surplus. Don't underestimate the wonderful experience of shopping at a local surplus store either, you can always use Google to determine if there are any surplus stores near you!

In order to make the needed alterations, I had someone else pin the jumpsuit on me.  I then transferred their pins from the exterior of the flightsuit to the interior by utilizing chalk to mark my lines. I have not yet taken in the sides as I was unsure of what size I would be after the arrival of Amelia, but it is on my "to do soon" list!  Next week, we'll chat about the symbols on Kaylee's flightsuit and how I determined what symbols and where they were located!

What the exterior of the jumpsuit looked like after shifting the pins from the exterior to the interior for sewing.
The chalk line on the interior of the jumpsuit utilized to accurately transfer pins from the exterior to the interior for sewing.

Check back in on Friday when A2-D2 gives the High 5 of her week!  Until next time...

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