High 5 for 2015!!!

Well you guys, 2015 is here...

My cousin Christina was in town from Kingsville, TX for the Holidays. We had both become addicted to the TLC epic romance series 90 Day Fiance. We usually text through the Sunday night airing, but this week was extra special because it was the reunion and she was in town. 
Cue the bottle of Pink Moscato and the trashy reality TV

I had to fit three dozen balloons in my sweet little CRV for the event you will see down below...last time I checked we were supposed to be in the middle of a massive helium shortage! So many balloons, so little space!!!

This Tuesday was the last day before retirement for a gentlemen that I have had the pleasure of working with the entire time I have been working for the Foundation. Actually, he has worked for the Foundation for almost the entire time that it has existed. 51 years is a lot of days under a museum! I am excited to see what retirement holds for him, but he will be missed dearly! 

My cousins and I enjoyed spending time together for New Year's Eve. The Ninja was also there, but refuses to be in a photograph at the moment. We enjoyed a low key evening at a neighborhood sports bar. It was quiet, intimate, and the perfect way to welcome 2105 with those we love! 

2015 has started with a bang. Treyson is already sick! I am sure hoping this is not a sign of the year to come! I must admit, he is way more cuddly when he is sick so I take that time to enjoy those moments. I know that very shortly he will simply be too big to hold to hold in my lap anymore. 

I hope everyone had a great last week of 2014 and is starting 2015 off on the right foot. I know there will be big changes coming to the Exquisitely Geek family in 2015. We are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Amelia and there are a couple of other things in the mix. 2015 is going to be amazing...mainly because we know you guys will keep making everything exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! I will see you next Wednesday for my next blog, but Seven of Ten will see you on Monday with a Fandom Update!!! 

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