High 5 for Beauty (Again)

You guys, we did it!!! We made it to Friday again!!! I swear, every Friday feels better than the last! This week I wanted to update my Beauty High 5. Keep in mind that I'm on a first name basis with my Ulta and Sephora girls so this list changes quite regularly, but these items are either newly released or becoming more and more useful by the day. Enjoy! 

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This foundation is great!!! It has been released for a couple weeks and I have been loving it. I have oily skin so I always look for foundations that are matte and this one is amazing. It is a little expensive, but it is going to last you a while.
Very little is needed so you will be able to use it for a long time. It also pairs with a powder, but honesty, you don't even need it unless you like it for your concealing needs. While most drugstore foundations tend to lean pink in undertone, these are more neutral to yellow so they are perfect for those girls that feel like they can't find their perfect shade at the drugstore!

You can purchase it here!
This palette is great! It was a holiday release so it is ridiculously expensive online, but if you can find it at your Ulta where it was exclusively released it will be heavily discounted. The shadows are smooth, creamy, heavily pigmented, and there is a huge range to work with. It is a great "grab and go" palette for whatever your needs might be. Brights, Neutrals, Shimmers, Mattes, Satins...they are all in the palette waiting for you!

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I am not the kind of girl that wants to wash my hair every single day. My hair is that weird version of almost curly, but suffering from commitment issues to the ultimate curl. It's basically a pain. Every time I wash it it requires a blow dry and either straightening or curling. Takes about an hour or so every time! Do you see why I don't enjoy doing it every single day? Batitse dry shampoo saves me that hour on second and third day hair. With many different scents and color options there is the perfect choice for everyone. Keep an eye out, Ulta offers these buy one get one half off about every six weeks!

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I have been using these eyeshadows for a while, but this one has become a star among the ranks. I have about 8 of these shadows. This one looks good on everyone. I have been doing a lot of makeup for friends for special events and when someone wants a pop of shimmer on their eyes this is PERFECT!!! Every single time I wear it The Ninja makes a comment on how beautiful my eyes look. This shadow is one that you can apply with your finger, no brush needed, and will last you a very long time. I would say I've used a 16th of it in a year! You can find a great tutorial using this particular shadow here

You can purchase it here!
I have been a huge fan of the GLAMGLOW masks for a while. It really helps anyone with an oily complexion, and while they are expensive, they work. I am willing to pay a little more for a product when I know that it is good quality and will actually make a difference. They recently released a face wash as well. I use my GLAMGLOW mask about once a week, especially if I have been wearing makeup every day. This face wash is like a mini mask every single night. So awesome. My Sephora has sold out of this face wash every single week since it was released! 

Have a great weekend you guys and Seven of Ten will see you on Monday for Frandom news! Until then, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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