High 5: How Time Flies

In my last High 5, I talked to you about our little family prepping for the arrival of Amelia.  Little did I know that between scheduling the post to go live and the post actually going live, we'd have Amelia in our arms!   I still feel like we just announced that Exquisitely Geek would be expanding, and today, Amelia is not only here but is two weeks old! I can honestly say that she has been the focus of my world the last few days, so my high 5 is in honor of her and the (five) ways she is truly amazing (at least in the eyes of a mother).  All photos are courtesy of The Captain's mother and are the raw images prior to editing.

That smile

Those tiny hands

Even her cry can be adorable (when it isn't at 2am)

Those little feet will take her so many places

Then two became three and we couldn't imagine it any other way

From The Captain, Amelia, and I, have an exquisitely geek weekend!

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