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I have had quite a few people ask me the process Seven of Ten and I go through when we blog. Many of you know our blog's origin story, if you don't you can check it out here in our 100th blog. We have divided the blog into five categories: Art & History, Home & Personal Life, Fandom, Cosplay, and High 5s. Each of these categories is scheduled on a specific day and Seven of Ten and I rotate topics every six months. 

Currently Seven of Ten writes Cosplay, Fandom, and a High 5 while I work on History & Art, Home Life, and a High 5. Each of us has a "light week" with our Wednesday blogs and our heavy week which include our High 5's. I can't speak for Seven of Ten, but I love this part of the schedule. It allows me to work a bit ahead and enjoy a week to rack my brain for my next idea. 

We currently blog using the Blogger platform. Personally, I really enjoy Blogger. I did a lot of research when Seven of Ten and I first decided to start the blog. I went back and forth about what platform would be best for our blog. Blogger vs. Wordpress, the eternal debate. After going with Blogger, I was so happy. For one, our shared information is wonderfully managed between Blogger, Gmail, and Google Drive. Secondly, I have watched a couple of the blogs I read on a regular basis make the switch to Wordpress and it has gone HORRIBLY. 

I manage my life using a combination of Google Drive, my planner, and a file folder I keep on my desk. I do most of my blog writing while I am at work on my lunch break. It allows me to utilize some of my down time as well as keep everything in one central location. I preschedule all of my blog content as well as our social media updates. 

I use washi tape to help me organize my events in my planner. I always place my blog post due dates at the base of my first "morning" block. I just use a sharpie to label the topic and when I look through my planner it reminds me about my upcoming topics. 

I also have a folder that I keep at my desk, as I mentioned before. On the left hand side of the folder I keep post it notes, one for each topic. I use those post it notes to brainstorm ideas for the topics. I keep a note for each topic even if I am not currently writing on that topic, because...let's be honest...I will eventually be writing on that topic and I am sure to face writer's block.  If I feel they are too current for me to hold onto for six months or so I will pass the idea along to Seven of Ten. While we each write individual blogs, we have a shared vision for the content we want to produce and often share and discuss ideas. 

Our most common form of communication, Facebook messages.  You see that conversation up there?! That is what happens when we are blogging at the same time. Oh! You're doing that!?! That's awesome. You want some help? Let me send you this!!! It really works wonderfully to have a cohort in this adventure. And so, when I checked our email guess what I found?!? 

Seven of Ten's Blog Planner! She writes content as she thinks of it and then writes an outline for the blog itself. She then files them using those awesome flags based on what topic they fall into. We both write and develop ideas very differently. My blogs are mostly propelled by the images I chose to include, while Seven of Ten seems to be working in a professional manner by using an actual outline. Either way, it is the way we work. 

Now for the logistics. We tend to write our blogs roughly 24 hours before they are due to go live. In some instances we, **cough** me **cough**, are running late or simply forget about our blogs and write them the day they are scheduled...and that's okay. We generally schedule our blogs to launch at 3:00 am on the day of their release and put our links up for auto schedule on Hootsuite the morning they go live. There is a science to social media sharing... FB posts posted between 11:45 - 12:30 and 8:30 - 10:00 receive three times more views in Newsfeeds. Oh and as for Pinterest, when we create tiles we aim to create them vertically, because they get pinned more often. Who knew right!?! These little things can make a big difference. 

I think the reason I love this blog so much is, well there are many, but the first reason is Seven of Ten. I love having this bond with her, it is so rewarding. Secondly, planning makes all the difference. When I wait until the last moment to write a blog, oh gosh. Can you say stressful!?! Finally, I have to remember that I get to write about and share the things I love...and that helps me remain Exquisitely Geek! 

Reach out if you have any questions!!! We love this blog, but we also love you guys. You have all helped us propel our small little geeky blog to over 19,000 views in 10 months!  So thank you and we can't wait to see what happens in 2015!!! 

As always, (and forever), stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek. 

Exquisitely Geek

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