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Well, Canadian History Channel fans have something great with the Pop Style television series The Secret Life Of... which is best described at a Access Hollywood version of the life stories of some of the world best known leaders. Interested yet? 

I can't seem to find the On Demand version online, and it originally aired in Canada in 2012 so this show may be one of those great things that falls deep into the void that is television and the internet... 

So why am I blogging about it? Well because I stumbled across these portraits on the website we all need, but hate to admit it...Pinterest

I find them so visually interesting. There are many things that these re-creators took into account when making these re-images. Marie Antoinette was notoriously insecure about her small breasts as a teenager. Living in a modern time period she would have surely taken advantage of modern medicine and plastic surgery. What about Elizabeth? Don't you think that she looks like a stunning Cate Blanchett?  William Shakespeare with hipster puff hair?! Uh-huh, I can see it. While Henry VIII mostly just reminds me of an unfortunate version of Simon Cowell. I appreciate the artists reverence to some of the items that these individuals are most famous for. Marie and her blue, Elizabeth and her red hair, while Lord Nelson is still decorated as a Naval hero. It really made my mind spin a bit, but in the best ways! 

I hope you enjoyed this little perspective play on history in it's modern form. If you can find this The Secret Life Of... series on the internet let me know! I'd love to nerd out a bit on the exaggerated and fabulous. Enjoy your week, and as always stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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