The Future and History of Disney Animation

They rescued a beloved cultural institution, ensuring generations of kids will experience the same magic that entranced Lasseter as a child, the magic that made him who he is. 'It's important for the world to have this,' he says, his hand over his heart.

What do we so desperately need? What was saved? Disney Animation Studios!   In November, WIRED magazine ran an article about John Lasseter and Ed Catmull who brought PIXAR to fame and has recently proven that Disney Animation Studios is still a high contender in the field of animation.

If you managed to go this holiday season without hearing a rendition of the Frozen soundtrack, then I commend you, seriously, but Frozen has become the highest-grossing animated film of all time (not just for Disney) and won Disney its first Oscar for best animated feature since the category was introduced in 2001.

Now, don't think this success happened overnight. It's been eight years since Disney bought PIXAR and eight years since CEO Bob Iger put Lasseter and PIXAR president Ed Catmull in charge of Disney's failing animation division.  By then, it had gone about 12 years without a hit.
 Here's the difference between PIXAR and Disney Animation at this time:

The basics of the WIRED article outlines the cultural change that needed to occur within Disney Animation studios.  Prior to Lasseter and Catmull, animators were discouraged from determining story or giving feedback on current works in progress.  An enhanced collaboration combined with a freedom for the creative spirit, Disney Animation Studios is growing back into its old self!  The most recent release from Disney Animation Studios, Big Hero 6, shows a hint at what Disney Animation Studios can do now that Disney owns both Marvel and Star Wars.  The good news, is that, the future of Disney Animation does not seem to full of Marvel and Star Wars expansion stories.  In 2016 should seem Zootopia an animal action adventure staring a rabbit and fox.  In addition a movie called Moana, set in the South Pacific for the future.

Here's to the future of animated movies from Disney; don't worry, I won't tell if you're as excited about animated films as I am!

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