Brick Builders: Slave 1 LEGO Review

Welcome to another posting of Lego building with the new Ultimate Collector series Slave 1. Just released on the new year and retails for a hefty $200.  Even though Boba Fett’s Slave 1 and Boba himself do not appear on screen that much over the course of the original (see: good) trilogy we were all fascinated regardless. Lego has iterated on past Slave 1 sets, now 10 sets in all, and done well to capture the detail and outright coolness that the bounty hunter and his ship deserved.

This set in a word is “huge” which you can see in comparison to the also impressively sized Metal beard’s Sea Cow. Piece count is right at the 2000 mark and comes with 4 mini figures: Boba Fett,   The set has 13 numbered bags but instead of many instruction booklets, this set come with one large monolithic War and Peace sized book. Lego seems to be moving towards large books like this for the larger sets and I’m still not sure how to feel about them.  I think they may last longer but the thick binding makes it difficult to lay flat when building.
  However, Lego has incorporated the designers bio’s, behind the scenes and how the Slave 1 fits in the star wars universe. I do really like this addition and wish the smaller sets would get the same treatment.
Han Solo and his Carbonite Tomb, Storm Trooper and a Bespin Guard.

Now, on to the build. The set is very large but fits in the middle of the UCS line of sets in terms of amount of pieces at 2000 pieces where other sets go up to 4000+. The designer did a masterful job of incorporating technic bricks to bring an amazing amount of rigidity to the model which allows for young and old kids a like to be able to pick it up and fly it around a room (ship and blaster noises included at your discretion).  The set also comes with a few rare pieces that can only be found in few other sets. The build utilizes many unique building techniques from inverted pips connected to technic braces to hanging pieces that seem that they would be able to break off with a strong sneeze but are actually quite sturdily set in their place. The rare pieces and unique building techniques make the build immensely fun.

Lego bricks, for the most part, do not do curves very well; however, the use of large sweeping curved bricks make a striking presence on the set and gives a great resemblance to the real Slave 1 from the movies. All UCS sets use a stand to be able to properly display the model and all its glory. The Slave 1 is no different. The stand is cleverly positioned in a low visibility way that also allows the Slave 1 to appear to flying towards you in a menacing and threatening way.

This model is an amazing set and priced well for what being so well designed and being a part of the Ultimate Collector Series. I will proudly display this model for years to come.  See you soon for another installment of LEGO building.

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