Cosplaying Goats

Yep, you read that right. Cosplaying Goats - Welcome to Texas.  Well, more accurately, welcome to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo (FWSSR).  In addition to a celebrity goat milking contest, the FWSSR has recently added a Goat Creative Costume Contest.

Contestants are asked to dress up their goat and themselves to create a group cosplay! I think my favorite was the milk and cookies that competed!

Though I couldn't find many still frame photos, I was able to find a video of the costume parade.  Check out the awesome cosplays below!  You'll see a Princess Leia in the mix.  I must admit it was cute to see the kids trying to walk the goats!

Though it is is an unconventional idea of cosplay, I truly love this event for the fact that it encourages creativity in children. Cosplay is all about embracing what you love...sometimes that means involving your favorite goat!

I hope this very Texas-y cosplay brought a smile to you on Wednesday! Be sure to check back Friday for A2-D2's High 5 as we celebrate the close of another week!

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