Geek Girl Guilt

I have been experiencing a lot of guilt lately. I know that we were chatting about the "home purge" to end all "home purges" and we will get back to that, but this geek girl needs to girl talk so here we go...

Do you ever feel like you just can't be 100% for everyone? I mean, sometimes I feel like I just can't be a top notch Mom, top notch significant other, creme de la creme employee, and an amazing content blogger. Any of you guys know the feeling?

I am totally understanding that phrase "Working Mom Guilt." Worse yet, I am understanding the phrases "You can't be all things to all people." and "Content lacking nerd."

I am completely booked at work. Like, I literally don't have a free day for any type of scheduling until the end of the school year. Then, I begin a summer of camps and traveling for business.

Working so much means I haven't really been able to check the blogs I normally follow or peruse my favorite Nerd News sites. I'm going to work on it though.

Treyson is having some health issues. We are working through them and they have become frustrating to say the least.

The Ninja had a very unexpected death in his family. I can be a shoulder to cry on, but I hate to see him upset at all. I am the mothering kind. I just want to fix everyone's problems...and this one I can't fix.

My home looks like a crazy person lives there. I was in the middle of the "home purge" when all this hit the fan and it still hasn't recovered so that explains why there is no photos of the finished project. 

We are currently living in home purge purgatory.

 Plus, I am trying to get you guys some awesome blog posts. So...With all this overwhelming pity partying that has been happening, let's say the last week or so...I am ready to look forward to some things.

This weekend I am going to free my home from purgatory, and prep for the quickly upcoming Louisiana Comic Con. The Ninja is thinking about Cosplaying for the first time and I think I'm going to Vlog the Con and post it on the blog. I'm super excited about the concept of Vloging and being able to show what the Con was like for people that aren't able to make it. **Cough** Seven of Ten **Cough** 

Seven of Ten will be hanging out with Baby Amelia, and quite frankly who can blame her right? But she will be missed at the Con. I'm also looking forward to meeting some awesome Nerds and Geek Girls in my immediate community and possibly finding some guest bloggers. It shall be fun.

I can't wait to see you guys again next week. I'm going to pull a Taylor Swift and shake all of this off...just gonna do my best. Until next Monday, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!

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