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Congratulations on making it to Friday!  Since being home for maternity leave,  I've become good friends with the time between 2-4am. In that time, I've started relying on some fairly nerdy apps to keep me sane(ish), entertained,  and awake.  On today's high 5, I'll share with you some of my favorite apps!

1) Podcast Addict

I won't lie;  I really wasn't a podcast listener until I started reading all of A2-D2's posts where she mentioned podcasts. I wanted to find something where I could search,  subscribe,  and download podcasts from one app. I also wanted the ability to listen to my selected podcasts from the same app. Welcome to Podcast Addict. I can listen from a WiFi connection without having to download or I can download and listen on the go! Recent updates has significantly improved the user interface and I am enjoying the app even more! Do you own a chrome cast? This app will cast to your tv which has been great for my yoga video podcasts!

2) Red Stamp

Ever find that you want to send a note or letter to someone but think email is too informal and a physical letter too formal or time consuming?  Try  Red Stamp! This let's you send customized postcards to people via snail mail or electronically through a medium of your choice.  If you choose electronic sending, the card is saved as an image to your phone's gallery and you may insert it into any delivery message you choose.  I've been using it to send personalized texts to people who have given gifts to Amelia.  So, if I know you gave her that super cute dress and she's wearing it today...you can expect a red stamp card from us with a photo of her wearing it and a "Thank You" from mom!

3) Crossword Puzzles - Splash Pad

In college, a group of friends use to meet for breakfast once a week before our 8am classes and collectively complete the New York Times crossword.  After college, I quickly realized that I cannot complete the NYT crosswords on my own as often as we could complete them collectively, but I do love the challenge of a crossword.  It's challenging enough to keep me awake when I need to be or to put me to sleep when I'm tired.  The app from Splash Pad provides a great mix of free and paid crosswords, and you can find truly decent crosswords from the free section!  I feel less guilty playing this game on my phone than candy crush...at least the crosswords build brain muscles!

4) TED

TED Talks are the video sibling to podcasts, and TED recently released its own app where you can find a collection of their videos.  Their "surprise me" search feature has truly introduced me to some videos that I would not have thought enjoyable.  Do you have chrome cast? TED will cast to your tv so that you can share TED with those around you!

5) JoeVLC

The Captain describes this program as a "Universal Player." This player will play any file on your phone.  The Captain and I use it to connect to our 1TB drive which has a ton of movies.  Joe VLC will play any movie from our drive on our phone seamlessly.

What are your favorite nerdy apps? Until next time, stay exceptionally chic!

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