High 5 Resolutions

I know we're WAY past January 1st, but I made a decision in December that I would not start any resolutions until after I had recovered from having Amelia and had returned to work.  I officially returned to work yesterday, and I wanted to share with you what my five "resolutions" are for this year. I mean, what better way to stay on track than to have the entire Exquisitely Geek community know what I'm aiming for! I'm trying to stay realistic so, with that in mind, here we go:

1)  Read More.  I am aiming for both quality and obtain-ability.  I know that with a newborn in our house that reading 50 books this year is a bit of a major stretch, but I thought 24 would be more than doable.  To keep myself accountable, I've signed up for Goodreads.com's book challenge.  A2-D2 wrote a bit about Goodreads early on in the blog's life and you can check out that post here.  You can also follow me and my reading challenge here!

2) Get back to Yoga (with Amelia)!  I can't tell you how hard it's been to be away from yoga.  During my pregnancy, it was hard to enjoy yoga because of the limitations that the pregnancy put on me, but I've officially been cleared by my doctor to return to the mat!  I've found a few great practices to get back in the swing of things and I've even found some to do with Amelia!

3) Get Organized.  You don't realize how unorganized you are until you have to find something at 2am with a screaming baby in your arms.  I thought I was well organized, but I even have some areas to improve upon.  Though I do not plan to go through the home purge as A2-D2 is currently attempting, but I know there are places where I can improve.

4) Make positive lifestyle changes.  Vague?  Let me clarify.  I'm determined to "snap back" from pregnancy by making better choices for myself and, in the long run, for Amelia.  The Captain has even resorted to bribes to help keep me motivated.  For every two weeks that I go doing something physical every day, I get to buy a prize!  Here's my first prize that I've already picked out! You can find it on Etsy here. P.S. That's the call number for fantasy books!

5) Be more aware. In yoga practice, we're always taught and encouraged to be in the present moment.  Don't worry about the past or the future, appreciate the present and your surroundings.  I've always had a hard time with this, but I'm making the first steps to better that situation!  The Unitarian Universalist church is participating in their own form of Lent this year.  You're given a word every day and are encouraged to think of something in your life that reflects this word.  I'm sharing my journey through instagram.  You can follow me on instagram (GeekSevenofTen) and by following #UULent.  They are also setting up a tumblr account (http://practicinglent.tumblr.com/).

What were some of your resolutions?  How have you been holding up?  Check back Monday with A2-D2 and I'll see you on Wednesday for more Cosplay!

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