My House is Crowding Me!!!

Have you ever had that moment when you think "OH MY GOSH! All this stuff is coming in on top of me?" I am having that moment. Like a major one. So in honor of spring...well, hypothetical spring, I recently did some minimizing.

Here is some of my inspiration:

Notice anything? I mean, talk about minimal. I, unfortunately, don't have the option to go stark white and completely refurnish my home. And to be honest, I'm pretty sure this is a phase. I change my home decor about as often as I switch purses. Quite. A. Bit. So what was my option...Spring Cleaning.

I came home last Friday evening and I proudly announced to The Ninja "I'm sick of this. There is stuff everywhere. I am dying from the constant urge to clean, but what I really need to do is purge!" His response was classic. "Hmm. Okay, you do that. I'm just gonna be over here playing Destiny." I don't know if he took me seriously, but by the fourth bag of junk that we loaded into the car on Sunday I do believe I made my point.

I used a list I found Pinterest to spur the cleaning, I mean purging, festivities. Sometimes these lists are the best to thing to help get the ball rolling. When conquering something of this magnitude you just don't know where to start.

I started in the Kitchen where I promptly discarded of all duplicates. Except for pie plates. I make many, many, many pies at a time...I need all the pie plates I can get my hands on. I went along cleaning and organizing for basically the entire evening. Bookshelves, photos, wall decor, and eventually I made it to Treyson's bedroom...then I turned and backed out as soon as possible. I don't even know where to begin with that.

My big task, the largest and most daunting task, was my closet. The amount of clothing I have accumulated is just unnecessary. I resolved to get rid of at least half my wardrobe. I divided it into three piles.

Keep. Donate. Resell.

It was pretty easy, but alas, it did take many hours. It was totally worth it though. My closet is now a haven. I took the time to actually hang the pictures that were stacked around my closet. It's pretty amazing that I was able to get rid of about half of my clothes. Pictures to come next Home and Life Blog! 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your home? What do you think about using a checklist like this to help you purge away the madness? Mull it over, and until we check in next Home and Life blog stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!!! 

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