Two Hours to No Dinosaurs

I have fallen in love with a new podcast. I know, surprise; surprise. I am always all up in the podcasts. This one is from NPR, WNYC, and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. It's called RadioLab. It is an excellent experience for your ears. The audio quality and mixing is awesome and they basically take a topic and tell 3 or so stories using that topic as their running theme.

One of my favorites so far has been their episode on Worth.
They explore the worth of your life, the worth of another person's life, and the worth of everything. Like...everything on the planet. It's intense, and awesome.

But alas, maybe I can do a High 5 on the top RadioLab podcasts once I make it through the backlog. But the one that for sure grabbed my attention and made me go "Wait, WHAT!?!" out loud in my car all by myself was their episode titled Apocalyptical.
This is the episode that they used while traveling around the country recreating the podcast in Live events.. so you can also watch a video of this episode when you follow that link up there ^^^...and there are some pretty great comedians featured in this podcast too.

The idea that an astroid hit the earth and wiped out the dinosaurs is widely accepted these days. The usual thought is that the astroid hits the earth, creates a huge dust plume, and then all of sun's rays can't reach the earth so they plants die and temperatures drop and over quite some period of time... more dinosaurs.

Yeah. Nope. The latest Dinosaur Apocalypse Theory has the dinosaurs dying out in a matter of hours from the time that the asteroid, approximately 6 miles wide and 6 miles long...think Manhattan Island, named Baptistina hits the earth and the time that the dinosaurs die out is probably two hours.

They use ballistics, musicians, and interviews to support this theory and to make my brain go OH. MY. GAWD.

This is the fun I had with Google Images and Pages: 

The idea that this astroid goes about 10 miles into the earth on impact and creates such a bounce back that it re-enters space makes my brain go WOW! Then it re-condenses to really tiny droplets of glass and acid rain and 90% of it comes back to earth. These bits of glass create the greatest meteor shower that anyone has ever seen. These little bits of glass are all extremely hot. Roughly 500-1200 degrees. Heating the atmosphere into basically a pizza oven and then, over the next couple hours all of the life above the ground and within the first three hundred feet of the ocean would have basically been incinerated. All of them died, all at once, within a few hours. At best guess, two hours. 

Yep. Listen to the podcast. Or in the case, you can watch it. This Dinosaur Apocolypes section runs from 12:50 - 54:00 minutes.  Let your brain go Oh. My. Gawd. 

Enjoy, and Until next time stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 


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