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The excitement I feel for this project is GINORMOUS!  Some of you already received obnoxious texts and Facebook messages from me over the week, but now, I'm going to try and contain my blatant excitement and tell you about a current crowd funding project that you need to support.  You need to support it yesterday soon.

What would you think about a "tv" series staring Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Seth Green, Felicia Day, and Gina Torres? What would you think if that series covered the behind the scenes stories of attending cons?  Now I'm not talking about covering things like Cosplay or the screaming fans, I'm talking about covering things like the "insecurity guard" and the celebrity photographer whose hand wouldn't stop cramping during the photo gigs.  That's what Alan Tudyk has in mind.  

Alan Tudyk has written a comedy series, "Con Man," which follows Alan's character to comic cons around the world.  Alan plays an actor who starred in a canceled sci-fi show where he was the spaceship pilot.  Nathan plays Alan's friend who also starred in the sci-fi show but played the Captain.  The sci-fi show was canceled by "the network." Nathan's character is the only character in the show who has gone on to hold a successful career, but they all have found themselves on the con circuit. Sounds ironically familiar.

Right now, Alan and Nathan are hosting a crowd funding campaign that you can find here.  Alan has some "trust issues with networks," and plans to release the show independently.  This way, he can avoid cancellation! Please visit the crowd funding page.  If nothing else, you'll get to hear Firefly cancellation jokes, see cameos by Gina Torres, Felicia Day, and Seth Green, and see Nathan Fillion steal scenes from Alan.

I'm so excited about it that I've already donated $25 to the project so that I can see it before it is released to the public for purchase (and I've created a bonus blog!)!  If this project goes through, I promise to cover the epic-ness of it right here on Fandom Mondays. Until next time, stay exquisitely geek!

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