Candle Surgery...

It all started a couple of months ago...

I walked into the museum offices and smelled the most glorious smell. I couldn't trace it. I couldn't find its origin. I was befuddled.

Until our receptionists mentioned the new fragrance in here office. Bath and Body Works Champagne Toast.

When she mentioned the name of the fragrance I immediately headed to my office to order it from Bath and Body Works, and guess what?! It was limited edition. Go figure. So then I headed to Amazon and Ebay. The cheapest price I could find the candle for was 40.00!!! The Ninja would have rang my neck!

Luckily enough, she gifted me an extra one that her mother decided she wouldn't use!!! My kitchen smelled like heaven... well, until I did this...

I was seriously annoyed with myself. At least the candle had a decorative fold film around the outside so that it generally stayed together.  I felt it was time for some candle surgery. This is how the surgery went: 

I collected a box to put the shards of glass in and lined it with plastic bags. 

I don't quite know why I lined the box, but it made me feel better...

Then I removed the decorative film from the outside of the broken jar. When I removed it a few pieces of glass fell into the box and I instantly felt good about my choice to use the box instead of just a plastic bag.

I would HIGHLY recommend using gloves for this part of the process, but I couldn't find any and I had two seven year old boys asleep on the couch so I threw my hands up in the air! (I only cut my hand once!!!) Gently tap the glass with the hammer until it cracks enough to loosen from the wax itself and then just remove the glass piece. My jar came off in about 5 pieces. 

Viola! Just the wonderful smelling wax. It seriously smells soooooo good! But to burn it without making a mess!?!

So I did what I always do, I ran to Target. I'm an addict. Whateves. 

I found this jar on clearance at Target. It was a staggering $2.84. The plan was to melt the candle into the new jar. I set my oven to 350 degrees and gently placed it on a baking dish. 

**Pointless True Story Begins Here**

So the lady at Target was trying to be super sweet. She wrapped my glass jar in 5, seriously 5, plastic bags. I was like, Oh, that so sweet. Don't worry...I just live across the street. I promise it will make it there fine! Guess who slammed the bag containing the glass container on the counter when she got home!?! This chick. I made a return trip to Target to buy the last one of this jar. I knew I needed to get it before someone else scooped it up! 

**Pointless True Story Ends Here**

I thought the plan would go off without a hitch, until I realized my heating coils were on the top of the oven. Oops. Oh well, gotta work with what you got right? Once it got soft enough (2-3 minutes) I pulled it out and begin to push it down into the jar. 

I would push it a little way and then scoop the excess wax off the sides and the jar and then just place it on top. I figured it would all met back down in the end, and I was right. 

Within about ten minutes I had this. There was some run off, but I just poured the excess back into the jar! I quickly relit all of the wicks to make sure my levels were too high before the wax cooled, turns out they were a smidgen too high so I poured a bit of the excess out into a smaller container. The candle has been burning beautifully since then! 

If you have any broken candles that you just can't bring yourself to part with this may be a great solution! Until next time, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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