High 5 Nerdy Apps (part 2)

A few weeks ago, I posted 5 of my favorite "nerdy" apps for your smart phone. Now, I've got part 2 of that list for you!  So, let's get right to it and talk about the five apps you need pronto!

1) Pocket

You can actually "Pocket" from your desktop by following this link.  Pocket stores websites for you offline for your viewing pleasure later.  What's great about Pocket vs other view it later apps is that Pocket doesn't disrupt layout - yay!  The Captain is so in love with this app that he was in the top 5% of users in 2013 and received an email from Pocket's founder.  Yup, he's that nerd.

2) Speed Test

Ever think your internet is running slow?  Ever wonder if it's worth your time to try and download that big file?  Introducing Speed Test.  This gives you a quick glance at your internet speed!

3) justWink

Remember Red Stamp from my last post?  Wink is similar but MUCH more sarcastic.  What's also great is that they will mail physical cards to your friends - think if halmark's cards could be bought and personalized from your phone.  My favorite card right now says: "Screw eggs. Let's hunt for booze....Sounds like a solid plan. Happy Easter."

4) Push Bullet

This program coordinates all your devices.  See your text messages on your computer's screen, send computer files to your phone, and instantly send links to your phone.  Collaboration of technology - sweet!  P.S. Totally another app from The Captain.

5) Umano

Like podcasts? You'd love Umano.  Think if audiobooks existed for news articles.  Community Members of Umano read top news stories so that you can listen to the news as an audio file.  Umano even takes your interest, likes, and reading trends into consideration and will alert you when something in your interest becomes available.

Hope I've given your smartphone some more apps!  See you back here on Monday with A2-D2's art history blog!

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