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Happy Friday! If you live in the south, we've experienced quite an odd bit of weather both last week and this week. Be sure to check out A2-D2's high five for Snow (Sneaux) Days! Well, through all of this wonderful *cough* weather, I've had the opportunity to do some reading and I decided to share my five favorite new words!  Let's see if you know what they are without reading the definition.  Think you can do it?

1) haptic hologram

A tactile illusion generated by the pressure of sound waves.  Floating in midair above an array of ultrasound transducers, haptic holograms can be touched and manipulated like physical objects.  Possible applications range from immersive gaming to interaction with CT Scans. Check out a youtube video below, or through this link, to learn more.

2) loopome

A map of roughly 10,000 three-dimensional loops in human DNA.  Because looping controls gene activation, identifying abnormalities in the loopome may help diagnose cancer and other diseases.

3) BPG

Acronym for Better Portable Graphics, an image file format intended to replace the 21-year-old JPEG standard. BPG will compress typical files to almost half the size of comparable JPEG.

4) Technofossils

Fossilized remains of human made technologies that may be among the last traces of our species millions of years from today.  Geologists predict that the technofossil layer will include trash fossilized in landfills and whole cities covered in sediment by rising sea levels.

5) Kerning

Careful calibration of space between pairs of letters to create balance and a visually pleasing effect.

How did you do? Would your vocabulary teacher be proud?  See you next week for Cosplay Wednesday! Until then, keep your exceptionally chic geek brains honed!

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