Kaylee: Completed Jumpsuit

It's Done! Kinda. I completely finished the Kaylee jumpsuit which is a huge step.  I was determined to have a high level of detail attention in this build and was very choosy in each step of the process.

Last time, we discussed the lettering on Kaylee's jumpsuit. You can see that blog here. I talked about using a tracing method to get the lettering correct and I wanted to show you some step by step pictures.

Print out the lettering you will be using.

Trace over the back of the design with a No. 2 pencil.  Make sure the area is fully covered and is dark.

Flip the paper over so the design is on your fabric where you want it.  Trace over the image with a pen.  This transfers the pencil design to the fabric.

After tracing, I simply traced over the pencil in sharpie and then colored it in.

Here's the completed jumpsuit look!

for a recap of the jumpsuit build, visit these stages of the process:

I ordered my flower patch online from Amazon. The heart patch was bought in store and the bear was actually purchased at a con from the brown coats society.  We'll see if I can get the jacket built soon, but right now, I'm considering this a completed costume since I could go to con without the jacket.  Catch me next at Dallas Comic Con where A2-D2 and I will be blogging, vlogging, and generally getting into trouble (read: spending too much money!) Until next time, stay exceptionally chic!

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