Kaylee's Mandarin

From our first discussion of what I needed to focus upon for my Kaylee build, I discussed that Kaylee's flight suit seems to have characters drawn on her jumpsuit in a variety of locations.  With so much discussion on the fan and CosPlay forms regarding Kaylee's characters, I could not take the chance that I overlook this element of the build.

In watching Firefly episodes and researching images of Kaylee online, I was truly unable to find a good image of what type of characters were drawn where on Kaylee's jumpsuit.  The best image I found was below:

You can see (lightly) some of the images right below her hand in this image, but that definitely isn't enough for me to feel comfortable designing a CosPlay!  So, I relied upon the experience of the Browncoat society and their knowledge in looking for these characters.  
After finding a few forums that discussed what the potential characters may be and what their meaning was, I decided to trust in Firefly Chinese when finding these characters.

Now that I knew what characters I was looking for, I found these characters via Google images and printed out one image per page. Using the same technique I used to transfer images to my "Save Dobby" sign, I transferred the lettering from a computer print out to my jumpsuit.  After having the outline in pencil, I simply used a sharpie to fill in the outline and ended up with this:

I'm all about making the details as easy as possible in Cosplay.  Though I could have tried to freehand these symbols, let's be honest, they would have looked awful!  See you next week!  Until next time...

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