Science Against Humanity

Last May, we here at Exquisitely Geek gave you a collection of add on cards for your Cards Against Humanity game.  You can find that post here filled with all your fandom needs.  I've stumbled upon another group of add on cards for your gaming needs and I think The Captain will rock these new cards.

Cards Against Science was crowd sourced and available for the first time in 2013. Though Cards Against Science is marketed as a stand alone game, we've been adding their deck to our Cards Against Humanity Pile and it's been working great so far!

If you'd like to download Cards Against Science, you can do that from their website here.  There also taking suggestions for future cards.  So, be sure to stop by and spice up your Cards Against Humanity deck this week!

Until Friday, ask yourself "___________  Taught me all I know about science."

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