A Love Letter to Star Wars

When I was a little girl my Dad took me on "Secret Surprise Dates." See, my dad worked a lot. I used to think that our "Secret Surprise Dates" were unique to us. That my amazing creative father dreamt them up while he was away on business and spent hours concocting the perfect event for us. Today, I clearly realize that my wonderfully persistent mother was pushing him to spend more time with us kids since he was traveling so much and we were missing him terribly. Either way, I have wonderful memories of these eventful days with my Dad.

Memories that can never be replaced and have become integral to the very soul of who I am. On one of these "dates" my Dad took me to the movies. This seems so typical to most people, but we never did this. We spent our time eating pizza from Sbarro, hanging in the Barnwell Center or Sci-Port, having picnics on the famous (not-so) neon bridge in Downtown Shreveport. The movies seemed a bit like a let down to me, until...

In 1997 Star Wars re-released new Special Editions on VHS and into theaters. I remember watching Empire Strikes Back in what was considered our "new" movie theatre that now unfortunately smells a bit like a petting zoo. The theme music sent chills down my spine and from that moment on I was a Star Wars Fan. I didn't quite understand it all, I was 10 at the time, but I knew it was special. I knew that it would hold special memories for me, and for my Dad. 

I had seen every episode of Star Trek on re-run in our house for ages by that point. My Dad must have watch two episodes of whatever series was in syndication, plus an episode of whatever the current Star Trek series was, and let us not forget MacGyver. I had become a bit desensitized to the world of Star Trek, but Star Wars was special. It was on the big screen. It was famous enough to garner a re-release and it was going to be something my Dad and I could share. 

and it was. and it is.

Today, Star Wars seems to be more mainstream than ever. What I secretly loved as a child, my son has plastered on half his wardrobe. While some of the magic of that first "exclusive" moment is gone with the new saturation, it makes my heart happy. I mean, Treyson had a random guy high five him for his BMX/Vader mash up shirt... he later announced "Man, people just love this stuff!" referring to all his Star Wars adorned clothing. 

Star Wars will have a new life next year. With the franchise's sell to Disney and the new reincarnation making it's first appearance at Christmas this coming Monday will be last May the Fourth where there is just "The Originals" and "The Prequels." Next year, we will be in the midst of the unveiling of a new triad of trilogies...and my soul is glad. 

May the Fourth is an awesome day in our home, it is a day that we celebrate more than just Star Wars, it is day we celebrate one of the things we love...and the people that we love. I always make sure I call my Dad and tell him May the Fourth be with you. I always wake Treyson up about ten minutes early so we can bust out the lightsabers and start our day with a battle of epic proportions. May the Fourth is mostly about family. The family were are given, and the family that we choose. 

Get ready, May the Fourth (be with you!) is happening in SEVEN days! This week EG is dedicated to all things Star Wars. We don't just want to celebrate one day, we want to make sure we are all ready to celebrate a full day! Seven of Ten will see you on Wednesday for an Everyday Cosplay Blog and we have a very special guest blogger for you on Friday. Until then, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek! 

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