Artist Interview: Kathryn Mosley

Born and raised in Jackson, MS, Kathryn Mosley is a full time Graphic Designer and Web Developer and part-time Illustrator and Baker. She graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BFA in Graphic Design and then moved back to Jackson where she now resides.  Adobe Illustrator is her primary weapon of choice when it comes to creating art, along with homemade textures and markers.  She's currently working as the artist on an upcoming webcomic entitled “Magical Girl Astrid”, written by William Carpenter and Preston Cauley.  When Kathryn isn't coding, drawing, or baking, you'll probably find her playing video games or reading with her supportive and wonderful fiance, Bill.  They hope one day in the future to have a house with a Corgi(white picket fence optional).

You describe your art pieces as "doodles" on your Tumblr page. Do you work on your pieces to simply pass the time or do you begin creating a work with a specific idea in mind? 

They vary, doodles is probably a misnomer since I started The Katbird Seat with the idea of doing a “sketch of the day” blog. I quickly realized that I'm too self-conscious to do that kind of blog so it turns out that while many of the things I post start out as doodles, most pieces end up taking at least a few hours and a couple of bouts with perfectionism to make the final work. Although sometimes they end up taking that long because I had another idea while I was working and feel a mighty need to get that one sketched out as well!

You are a web coder/designer by day. How do you think your "day job" influences your artwork and do you see parts of your personal artistic style replicated in the web content you design? 

My day job generally consists of way more coding than design, and while there's a lot of creativity inherent in coding, I see it as a different kind of challenge from when I come home and draw.  The coding takes me out of my illustration mindset and honestly makes it easier to come back and look at an idea or sketch and re-evaluate it.  I've had drawings I've finished late at night thinking, “This idea is amazing! I can't wait to start coloring it tomorrow!” Then I'll go to work and spend a day in full-on web developer mode and come home and just go “maybe I need to redraw this again...” Being a web developer keeps me from getting too enamored with my art and vice-versa(I know that sounds weird, but there is such a thing as ugly code.)

As I have looked through your work I have noticed an amazing variance of beautiful colors. Are the colors that you use meticulous chosen or do you just go with your gut?

Generally, I have one or two particular colors in mind for a piece and start blocking out the art with those colors as my primary focus.  Then I'll set up several palettes sort of centered around whatever the first color I picked was and play around with it until I'm happy with it.  I do on occasion go with my gut though...and by that I mean I look up pictures of food and make my palettes based on that!  ;) 

 If you could only have three "fandoms" to belong to for the rest of your life, which three would you chose? 

Harry Potter, Disney(can I pick all of Disney?), and are Corgis a fandom?  Because I am a longtime Welsh Corgi Fan!

How did you come to define your own personal artistic style? It is very distinct, and I am curious about what type of journey you went on to define that style. 

When I first started drawing, I was convinced I'd be the next great American manga artist so I spent a lot of time reading and drawing manga. During the later half of high school, I started to feel stunted by only drawing in one style and, though I struggled a lot with it, started trying to do a more “traditional” comic style during my early college years(it ended terribly!). However, during my senior graphic design project, I did extensive research on travel posters and ads in the “Mid-century Modern” style and just sort of fell in love with it.  That sort of pushed me in the direction that got me to where I am now!  I think there's still a little bit of anime in there too, but I try to do more pronounced noses on my ladies.  People at conventions have used words such as “retro” and “minimalist”, but no one definition has really been put into words for me personally.

What Hogwarts House would you belong to and why? 

I am 100% Hufflepuff! Their defining traits are patience and loyalty, and that's really admirable and necessary when being patient with tough coding problems or helping out friends with life as we all are reaching that more-established career phase. Also, they have the comfiest beds and are right by the Hogwarts kitchen, so what's not to like!

I had the honor of meeting Kathryn at Louisiana Comic Con a few weeks ago. I loved her work instantly. I actually fell in love with her work while I was previewing artists for my Vlog. As many of you have noticed, I really love minimalistic pop-art style. This pieces are definitely right up my ally and I can assure you that I will be purchasing some of work for my geeky gallery wall. Make sure you check out her website here! Have a great week and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!

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