Difficulties & Blessings in One Bundle

If you have been reading our blog for a while you know that we are both now mothers. It's a time in my life I could have never imagined. Being a parent comes with a whole bunch of difficulties and blessings...

Treyson has a specific difficulty to overcome and as his mother I am working toward making the tools available for him to be able to do so. Every kid deserves to have the proper tools in their tool box to have a great life. Treyson, like 3 million other Americans, has ADHD.

Organization, focus, impulsivity control, and personal accountability have been problems for Treyson since he was very small and, to be honest, I wan't shocked when we received the diagnosis. Both Treyson's biological father and I suffer from some form of Attention Disorder. Genetics dude, their rough.

About a year ago I devised a checklist system to help direct some of Treyson's choice. Children that suffer from ADHD tend to lack the ability to follow directions in a proper sequence without consistent reminders. The checklist helps eliminate that problem for our family.

I wake Treyson up in the mornings, mostly by tickling him. I read an article once about children with ADHD starting their day with lots of energy and excitement. It seemed to make sense, and I figured it could do no harm. I tickle him pretty much every single morning. As soon as his feet hit the floor he walks to his "backpack nook" where his checklist is posted and begins his list.
Treyson's checklist is divide into three major parts. His day consists of morning, afternoon, and night. That is a clear enough division for him to be able to recognize the part of the day that he is in. School is a natural division between morning and afternoon and dinner serves as a dividing point for afternoon and night. He is responsible for completing each task on his chart during the day. I will periodically check in and ask "How is your checklist going?" or "What's your next item?" to make sure he is staying on task. 

The Ninja and I felt it was important for him to contribute to household chores on a regular basis, He was extremely frustrated at first. He does not enjoy working towards a task. He wants to attempt it, and complete it perfectly on the first time. Folding clothes has been a JOURNEY! Everyday the chore changes to give him some variety in his day. I tend to rotate those lists on three month basis to provide a little more variety and allow him to attempt other home tasks. 

A very wise parent once told me probably the greatest piece of advice in relation to understanding and parenting Treyson. 

If you don't keep it interesting for him, he will make in interesting for you. 

Understanding this idea has helped me recognize his actions out of boredom, and allowed me to plan ahead so he is always doing something. I used to be so frustrated when I would find him doing something destructive or out of character. His impulsivity can quickly become his worst enemy. Now I understand he was simply trying to keep himself engaged in some type of task, even if it was a destructive one. I hope these lists help you in some way if you are dealing with any these problems. If you have any more advice please let me know! Being a parents is a fly by the seat of your pants experience that is continually changing and developing. I'll see you again on Monday with a special Artist Interview. Until then and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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