High 5 for Recovery Week 2!

It's finally here - Friday.  This is the day where A2-D2 and I like to provide you with a brief list of things that went on in our lives the past week.  This ranges from highlighting our weekly activities to providing you with lists of items that you should read, listen to, or just generally know about (in groups of five, of course).  Last week, I gave you part 1 of my recovery high fives, and I'm here to finish it off! Here's to the last week of being required to stay at home, and to you making it to another Friday!  Here are the five things I enjoyed about this week:

1) A big part of my recovery is that I was required to be more or less bed ridden last week.  This week, I got out of the house for the first time and walked with Amelia in her stroller (accompanied by Grammaw of course!).  I'm actually really proud of myself for the distance I walked the first time out of the house!

2) Amelia's Bluum box came in this week! Selfishly, there were no "mommy" surprises, but Amelia loved all of hers! She got a holder for her nene (pacifier), two squeaky toys, and a hard book.  Best box so far!

3) I found a new online group - International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club (IGGPPC).  This brings back the art of pen pals, snail mail gifting, and group interaction.  I've gotten hooked on their forums, and I've already started thinking about what groups I want to join.  I'm a jump in the deep end kind of girl so I've already signed up to be assigned a pen pal, joined the book club on goodreads, and started looking at all the awesome activities that these girls (primarily) are involved in!

4) Finding new blogs!  I stumbled upon some great new blogs from some fellow IGGPPC members that I'm definitely following now!  Check out Emily Mae at emilydismukes.com and Mariko at gamerwife.com! Their blogs are a wonderful blend of information into the author, writing ideas you can use to prompt yourself, and a blending of geek culture!  Check out their websites to find them on the plethora of social media outlets!

5) Scheduling a Skype date with A2-D2 was definitely a bright spot in my week! Last time we had a Skype date, we ended up doing Tumblr's Heck Yeah Challenge, and though I don't expect this Skype date to end with another YouTube video, I do know we're planning to chat about the blog.  How to get more content to you, how to improve the look of the blog, and how to be better for you! Side note, I also plan to use this Skype date as an opportunity to squeal about her recent engagement. You can check out her blog post about it here in case you missed it!

I hope your Friday ends on a high note and that your weekend is exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

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