High Five for Recovery!

Some of you know that I recently had a surgery to assist/fix some issues from having Amelia.  For the next two weeks, I'm more or less bed ridden and won't be able to lift anything over 10 pounds for a month. Yep, Amelia is already over 10 pounds. I've been reading blogs and support groups for women who are going through the same thing and it seems so easy to fall into the pity trap, but I'm determined to stay positive!  Here are five things this week that helped me stay positive during recovery!

1) A get well card from Just Wink!  If you've been keeping up with our blog, you know I'm a fan of Just Wink (check out the blog about it here). This card is awesome, funny, and sarcastic. I really appreciated getting it, and I've kept it by my bed for motivation!

2) I'm sure you've seen all over Pinterest (follow us here) the get well baskets that you can make.  I've always liked them, but this is the first time I received one!  Madame Vastra brought it to me and it has been great! The Tazo teas, a beautiful candle, and some amazing sweatpants.  It's been a bright light for sure!

3) My books!  I've started (re)reading Ready Player One.  If you haven't read this go get it immediately from somewhere!  I'm going to cover it for you soon on a Fandom Monday because they are making it into a movie and this is definitely one of those books you have to read pre-movie!

4) So, it's official, I'm addicted to ThredUp. Think of them as a high end thrift shop. Everything goes through a high standard of approval before being allowed to resell to the public. I've placed three separate orders with them in two weeks - don't judge!  I've gotten White House Black Market shirts for under $20 and Banana Republic for under $10!  If you'd like to browse, they have petite, maternity, women, and kids!  Click on the image below and you'll get $10 free dollars for your first purchase!

5) Sometimes the brightness can come from others and AHHHH A2-D2 and the Ninja got engaged this week!  They're on a cruise right now, and I know she's having a blast! I can't wait to see all her nerdy wedding ideas (because you know they're coming even if they aren't used).  I also can't wait to see her and hug her to death; I'm beyond happy for her and The Ninja!

Though I don't think the next week will elicit another marriage proposal in the Exquisitely Geek family, I know it'll be bright as well - if you're willing to look.  Until Monday, stay exceptionally chic!

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