Let's talk about art...

I recently had a discussion with a friend about what constituted "art." His definition was linear. Let's face it, definitions need to be linear. They need to have limits and basis so that things can clearly fall into or out of a category.

You can imagine how impassioned the discussion became. I mean, I have had the conversation before, many times actually, but I can never find an answer that I am comfortable with. Let's be honest, Google, Yahoo, and Pinterest can't decide either.

I can't even pretend to be the art official at this moment. My vision and understanding of art changes every single day. Can we limit art? Should we? Is it dangerous to give art and artist to much freedom? Without some of that freedom would it be as rewarding? Are the limits and challenges what makes it most rewarding? 

I mean, it is easy to understand the quandary. Today, I am handing the blog over to the readers. We all have our opinions and now it is time to share them. Tell me in the comments below, what is art and what parameters do you use to define it? Should we set limits or allow freedom to reign? I'll be interacting with comments as they are posted and I am excited to have this discussion. Until next time, or the next comment, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek! 

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