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With Dallas Comic Con right around the corner, I thought I would share with you my "must haves" for any Con.  Check it out below and don't forget to let us know if you're headed to DCC this year - we'll be there! Disclaimer: All Cons have their own set of rules; be sure to check these rules before bringing anything into the venue.

1) Every con has some sort of food vendor - from food trucks, concessions, and even full restaurants in the venue.  The downside is that con food also come with con prices meaning that you may be paying $8 for nachos.  That coupled with the consistently hectic (but fun) schedules of panels and shopping leave me to always bring a few snacks.  This helps when you realize that you, and every other con goer, has decided to break for lunch at the same time or when you've been camped out in the same panel line for 2 hours!

2) It's inevitable that you will leave a con with more things in your hands than what you initially arrived with.  Sometimes, you're simply carrying out Cosplay accessories that slowly became irreparable throughout the day, but more often you're carrying all the amazing swag and souvenirs of your trips through the expo.  To avoid setting the world record for what can be held in your hands, bring an empty bag. The few times I've forgotten my bag, I've always ended up trying to stuff everything I purchase into the largest bag, and I always end up with something resembling the Stay Puft Marshmellows. Bringing your own bag ensures that you have plenty of room for your new nerdy swag.

3) The one thing that always makes con more exciting is a buddy. Sometimes, you can plan far enough in advance to bring a buddy with you (.:ahem:. Madame Vastra), but don't limit yourself to the people that you already know!  Sometimes you have the opportunity to make some great friends at con (see #4) or you can even pull from your social groups! At the most recent Geek Girls Brunch Dallas, I met two great girls who I plan on stalking at DCC until we can hang out - pretty much like an epic game of marco polo! 

4) Do you cosplay? Then take advantage of the lounge for cosplayers only that DCC and many other cons offer.  This lounge allows for costume repair and break from the cameras.  While you're in there, be sure to share your duct tape and mini sewing kit with other cosplayers who are in a costume fiasco! This is a great way to bond and laugh with a new friend without the pressure of the show floor!

5) One thing I always get upset about missing are the autograph lines.  I always think "that's so silly, I don't need that." But then something magical happens and you really want an excuse to be only the width of a folding table away from ________ (fill in the blank with your fandom crush). So, starting this year, I'm going to bring something to sign. I'm not sure what it will be yet, but I've narrowed down who I want to sign something so I'm planning on bringing something based upon their autograph schedule and pricing.

I hope A2-D2 and I see you at DCC! Be sure to let us know on facebook or Twitter if you're going to be there and we'll try to find you! You can also find us on our personal Twitter accounts (A2-D2 and Seven of Ten) or our personal instagrams (A2-D2 and Seven of Ten).

Until next time, stay exceptionally chic!

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