Fandom Friday: Fictional Characters

The Nerdy Girlie started a weekly challenge to nerdy bloggers to create a list of five items based upon a writing prompt.  I thought that this week's prompt, fictional characters you identify with, was perfect for Exquisitely Geek to start our participation with #FandomFridays.

1) Tina Belcher.  You always hear people talk about their drunk selves (i.e. what makes the drunk me different than sober me).  Tina Belcher is the personification of me after a few drinks. Tina lives with no filter between her brain and her mouth.  Long live the filterless woman!

2) Cath (Fangirl Rainbow Rowell) Though I'm not a Fanfic writer, I did identify with a specific portion of her character.  SPOILER ALERT (maybe) - at the end of the book, she has a constant internal struggle between balancing her personal life with the perceived pressure of finishing her chapter on a deadline.  It's a struggle I find myself in all too often - how to balance personal versus professional needs.

3)  Carla (from Scrubs) There are numerous times that The Captain and I have found similarities between Carla and Turk's relationship and ours.  From the humor, to the strong and outspoken nature of Carla, the similarities are always a topic during a Scrubs marathon.  I think another reason that I identify with Carla is that Turk and The Captain are truly just children trapped in adult bodies and Carla and I must rein them in.

4) Scooter (the Muppets).  I talked about Scooter in my last high five where I shared my favorite Muppets, and I cannot make a list of fictional characters I identify with without Scooter! Please check out my link (above) for more Scooter love, but all I can say is tell your Stage Manager you love them - now!  The only other person who cleans up your mess as much as your Stage Manager is your mother.  The biggest difference, you mother naturally loves you and can put you in time out.  Your Stage Manager does not have to love you, but they can do things worse to you than time out.  Biggest under appreciated career ever.

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5) Hermione Granger.  I truly thought that this one was "too easy" or "too cliche," but I want to point out what this fictional character did for bookworms - she made them strong.  As a previously closeted
nerd, I cannot explain how much it helped my self esteem to grow up with Hermione solving the toughest situations through a combination of book smarts, split second decision making, and love for her friends.  It's the kind of qualities that are often marginalized, but gave this bookworm a start to her (nerdy) voice.

There are so many characters that I identify with ranging in gender, species, and book genre, and it was truly difficult for me to narrow down to only 5 characters.  I'm such a bookworm that I can honestly find someone from every book I've read that I identify with on some level - that's what makes our fictional worlds so real.  A good character is one that you can identify with regardless of sexual orientation, gender, or species.  A good character is built from the inside out.  Whose insides do you admire?  Enjoy your weekend with a good book and a cup of tea.  Until next week, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

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