Fandom Monday: Once Again

I'm not going to lie.  I think I'm out of steam for this week, and Dallas Comic Con is Friday....I might be in trouble.  A2-D2 and I had a great plan of giving you a week of DCC related entries from Fandom to Cosplay, Family and High 5 all centered around Dallas Comic Con guests to prep you for the coverage at the Con over the weekend.  Well, a few things happened since that initial meeting: (1) A2-D2's real job said she couldn't have off for the Comic Con weekend (BIG BOO!) and (2) I've fangirled repeatedly at my excitement that The Captain will be keeping Amelia all weekend so that I can truly enjoy the con. I think the fangirling might be what has exhausted my energy!

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I was originally going to do a profile on Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) and talk to you all about the inspiration behind my blog signature.  Then, I thought I'd do one on Alan Tudyk because I'm going to stand in his autograph line this time!  Next, I considered talking about the fandom groupings (i.e. who is coming from each fandom show), but then I couldn't pick just one!

So, what is the solution?  To just tell you about the guest at Dallas Comic Con and let you make your own judgements!

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Comic Guests: The biggest name appearing is absolutely Stan Lee, but you also have the opportunity to see artists and creative teams behind greats such as Cyanide and Happiness, Life with Archie, and Harley Quinn.  You can find more of the Comic Guests, their bios, and appearance information here.

Gaming Guests: The Smosh Games Crew will be on site as will the voice of Gaige in Borderlands II and  Meg Turney (Roosterteeth). Find all of your gaming information here!

Anime guests (animation guests): Animation guests include Tom Kenny (Adventure Time and Spongebob), Tara Strong (Fairly OddParents and My Little Pony), and Mike McFarland (Dragon Ball Z). All of your Animation (and Cosplay) guests can be found here.

Sci-Fi guests: I'm not going to even try and prioritize these guests but here is just a sneak peek!  You can find all the amazing guests and their information here.

Horror guests: Don't worry horror fans, you are represented too at Dallas Comic Con! Day of the Dead, Walking Dead, and Lost Girl fans will have a number of guests to meet over the weekend.  Horror guests also include some not to be missed authors and illustrators.  All your horror needs can be filled here!

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