Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

Since I work in the "museum world" the Lucas museum has been the thing to talk about for the last couple years. It was in need of a home, and after many many plans it has finally found one.

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art has found it's home in CHICAGO!

Just so everyone knows, the Lucas Museum will not be a "Star Wars" museum. The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is based in all forms of story telling. Think about it, Star Wars is one of the most epic stories of all time. Move over Gilgamesh. The Lucas Museum will hold roughly 1 billion dollars worth of George Lucas' private collection as it's base holdings. Of course some of the artifacts will be from Star Wars, but rumor is he is quite the collector so his holdings are probably vast a carefully curated.

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will be build on public land. A bill was signed during the early part of this month to give the "okay" to the Lucas Museum as well as the Obama Library. There are still some hurdles to be cleared, but for the most part it looks as if the Lucas Museum will be built in it current projected location. The building itself will be seven stories and architects from two continents are working on the design. The building will be ultra modern with a 360 degree viewing deck on one of the floors. It basically looks like a giant Frank Lloyd Wright spaceship...which is a-okay with me!

Working in Museum Education I had to look for their stance on that. They are planning on parenting with other community institutions, schools, and community groups to develop an intensive educational curriculum to benefit students both locally and globally.

When will it open? Oh gracious. So there is two ways to look at this. It's earliest date is 2018. I know, it's seems like it is in a galaxy far far away, but this also gives you lots of time to prep/save for your trip!

If you want to read more about the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art you can find information here!

Happy May the Fourth Be with You from Seven of Ten and I! This holiday is certainly one of the highlights of our year! Until Wednesday, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!

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