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A few weeks ago, I posted in my High Five that I was re-reading Ernest Cline's Ready Player One. This book is a dystopian fiction set in the year 2044.  The cliffnotes version of the plot is that the world has become so over populated and used up (almost) all of the natural resources that people take refuge in a virtual online world, the OASIS.  This online world was created by a computer nerd team, one of which (Halliday) was obsessed with the 1980s.  Upon Halliday's death, Halliday reveals that with no heirs, his fortune is up for grabs if you can find and solve the three Easter Eggs hidden in The Oasis.  Readers follow Wade Watts and his three friends in the search for the Easter Eggs, but they must complete their quest before the "Sixers" (corporate workers whose sole purpose is to try and find the Easter Eggs so that they can, in turn, turn the fortune over to their specific company).  This action/adventure, dystopian fiction novel is overflowing with 80s trivia references, and is a must read for any child born in the 80s! You can, of course, read it even if you weren't born in the 80s, but the amount of 80s references is only made richer if you can recognize the references!

The nerdy part of this great book is that after 5 years, they've decided to make it into a movie!  Now, I know you've seen the pins on Pinterest about "the books you need to read before they become movies,"  but I've never felt more strongly about a person's need to read pre-movie than I do now! Ready Player One is considered a cult classic book (yep, those exist), it has been published in over 40 countries, and has made top selling lists around the globe.

Even if you're not a reader, here's what you need to know to before entering the theater for the movie:

1) Steven Spielberg is directing.  Yep, he's come out of his 14 year retirement from Warner Brothers just to direct this film.  In the book, Wade mentions Spielberg's movies as what are considered part of Halliday cannon (i.e. necessary knowledge to find the Easter Eggs.) There have been concerns about the ability to obtain rights to all the 80s trivia needed to complete the book to movie transfer, and I think the name Spielberg carries enough weight to help Warner Brothers obtain all the rights they need!

2) The tech needed from a cinematic standpoint will be key because viewer will need to feel as if they've been dropped into a video game.  With successes like The Lego Movie, The Matrix, and Inception, I'm confident Warner Brothers has a big chance to succeed in this area.

3) The author, Ernest Cline, is involved in the screenplay writing.  Thank Goodness! I always find it
easy to spot the book to movie transfers that do not include the author - thankfully, this won't be an issue with this one!  The author himself is a wonderful nerd, he doesn't just play one behind the typewriter.  He was involved in the hunt for Atari's ET game, he owns his own DeLorean, and lives in Austin, Texas. In response to the Spielberg announcement, he said:

“This is a lifelong dream come true for me,” Cline tells EW. “I never could have or would have written Ready Player One if I hadn’t grown up on a steady diet of Steven Spielberg films. His work helped to shape my whole worldview, and set me on the path to becoming a writer and a filmmaker (as well as a DeLorean owner). I keep pinching myself. I still can’t believe that my novel, which is an homage to everything I loved about growing up in the 80s, is going to be turned into a movie by the greatest film director of the ’80s (and arguably of all time). It feels like a dream. But it also feels like destiny … ordensity.”

And as Entertainment Weeky puts it "if you actually got that reference, Ready Player One is definately a book for you."

There's not a lot of information out about the process as they seem to be keeping everything but big name announcement under raps, but I think that's perfect because now you have time to do some reading before the movie!

While you wait, be sure to follow

If all that isn't enough to get you to read the book, Wil Wheaton narrates the audiobook.

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