So that thing I started...

Do you remember when back in February when I wrote a blog post about my house crowding me? If you don't you can recap it here!

Well, my house is still crowding me. I know, I know; I was convinced I was going to go through a massive home purge.


I mean epic FAIL.

So many things fell apart immediately following the start of the sorting. I feel like my home is still on a home purge hangover!

Seriously, there are still (empty) suitcases left from the cruise a month ago. I mean... Does anyone have time to come finish all this stuff?

You know, home purge... Oi.

Does anyone ever get super pumped about about tackling at big project and then **poof** Nothing.

I mean something comes up and gets in the way, and then before you know it not only have you lost all your steam, but in some cases you are even further behind than you were before.

Yeah. That's me right there. 

I am going to get the home purge finished before Seven of Ten and I switch back topics in July. I promise. I swear. I will conquer.

Seven of Ten will be around Friday with her High 5 for this week. Until I see you again on Monday, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!

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  1. I just made a pretty comment and then it has gone poof. Sigh.

    Well, like I was saying, I HATE when things like that happen. You get all excited on something and then POOF all your steam for it is gone.

    Altough... I truly do that to all my projects. I need to stop doing that sometime.

    I think you shouldn't give up. You should plan it, like a lot. Daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly goals helps a lot. Don't make a plan go all away when things go wrong. Take time for it. Maybe it won't be good right now, but with some time, who knows? :) I think you still can do your home purge!