High 5 the Dinosaurs...

We have talked about dinosaurs a couple times on the blog... here and here.... but today, inspired by Jurassic World, which was an excellent movie for the record, we have a High 5 of Jurassic discoveries!

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The Hadrosaurus is one of the first near-complete dinosaur fossils found in North America. It was excavated on the eastern seaboard and was named by American paleontologist Joseph Leidy in 1858.

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This dinosaur discovered in North America ushered in the age of the giant sauropods. So many of the discoveries up to this point were smaller ornithopods or slightly bigger theropods. These larger discoveries opened up the imagination of what these animals could really be. 

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These Maisaura's are the first dinosaurs that were found in herds. They even found fossilized nests! This discovery helped paleontologist understand that some dinosaurs had active family lives.  

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When the Megalosaurus' femur bone was originally discovered in 1676 it was thought and labeled to belong to a human giant. Like for reals. It wasn't until 1844 that the species was identified and given a distinctive name. 


What is the fifth Dinosaur discovery? Who knows...they happen all the time! If you see any new discoveries let us know on social media!  I love for you guys to help keep me up to date on the things I may have missed! 

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