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Recently playing, Variations on Insanity. These past few days have been a large stress and I haven't really been myself lately - this pretty much sums it up....

In my traditional fashion, I'm using High 5 Friday as a way to analyze my week in a positive spin so that I end on a high note.  Instead of stressing about what has yet to be done because that's a long list I will be sharing 5 things I discovered this week!
My commute has become a little crazy like double in time crazy due to flooding in Texas and the subsequent road closures.  Channeling A2-D2, I used the time to listen to podcasts. I think I've booked more podcast hours this week than in the last month!  Because of that, I've found some new podcasts that I want to recommend! You can click on each image to be immediately directed to the podcast's page!

1) Did you enjoy Serial? Criminal is a podcast about people who have found themselves tied to crime as the victim, suspect, or simple bystander.  The episodes include interviews with those involved in the story. Launched in January of 2014, this podcast provides 30-40 minute episodes making it perfect for a commute without having to end up in podcast cliffhanger world.

2) I always like the idea of hearing podcasts that talk of higher ideas, theoretical discussions, and psychology, but I must admit that most of these podcasts put me to sleep on my commute - Not Ideal. That's why I love Invisibilia, an NPR podcast that talks about those forces that control our life that are invisible.  The podcast I listened to this morning was about Fear - does it have a purpose in our lives? How do we experience it? What would happen if we didn't have it?

3) The Internet Archive - yes it does exist! You can use this website to play Oregon Trail and other Dos games or you can go down a nostalgia rabbit hole and look at archived website from back in the day!

4) Orange is the New Black.  Yes, I know this isn't technically a discovery but let me share! I HATED the first season and couldn't do it.  Chapman was too whiny and pathetic. So, I skipped season 2 as well.  The Captain recently started watching Season 3 while I was cross-stitching and I found that I couldn't take my eyes off of it. So, I watched Season 3 and completely skipped seasons 1 & 2.  I still don't know that I'll watch any additional seasons, but it was fun for The Captain and I to have something to watch together before bed!

5) Since the arrival of Amelia, the Xbox has been seriously neglected.  The problem is that the majority of our games are plot based and I don't have the ability to just sit, play, and leave. I feel like I need to progress (significantly) in the story.  This week, I purchased Sniper 2, and it has been a perfect quick game!  I can play quick missions and leave if needed, but it is also exactly my kind of fighting.  I get to sit, snipe, and reap the rewards!

I hope you've been able to find the positive in your week! I'll see you on Monday since A2-D2 and I are switching topics again!  Until then, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

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