High Five: Our Favorite Nathan/Alan Quotes

While at Fan Expo Dallas, I had the opportunity to see the Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion Q&A Session.  I knew those two would be wonderful together, but there were some special moments I'd like to share with you for today's High Five! Hopefully, they will put a smile on your face too!

(1) "Poop rolls up hill." (Nathan) "Yes, it defies physics..." (Alan) Said in a discussion of the issues Alan has dealt with via phone and email in preparation to film Conman.

(2) A guest meant to ask Nathan and Alan "if they could have the power to remove a show from the air to put Firefly back on, which show would they chose to cancel. " Instead the question came out like this:
"If you could bring back any tv show..."  This was, of course, met with laughter and eye rolls.  But don't think that Nathan didn't take an opportunity on this one. "MASH."

(3) "I'm a big fan of novelty." (Alan)

(4) While discussing the difficulty of shooting his own death scene in Serenity, Alan pointed out how at the end of the movie Zoe is seen fixing the windshield (where the beam impaled him). "That was literally and physically for closure." (Nathan)

(5) When asked what their favorite character to portray was, Nathan and Alan refused to answer the question and instead talked about their favorite roles for each other.  Nathan's favorite roll of Alan's was from Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Tucker and Dale is available on Netflix and I must admit that it is pretty great!

Stay shiny friends!  Until Monday, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

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