Insidious 3: Into the Further 4D Experience

Art can be created to elicit a variety of emotions: happiness, sadness, joy, and even fear.  The creative team behind Into the Further 4D Experience has excelled in meticulous art for the purpose of eliciting fear in their audience.  Into the Further 4D Experience is a promotional tour promoting Insidious: Chapter 3 which opens Friday, June 5, 2015!

While at Dallas Comic Con, I had the opportunity to experience the 4D adventure, and the details
were astounding!  When you entered the experience you found yourself in a hall which boasted a meticulous set decoration.  I spent a large amount of time trying to decode the table scape which included a tarot deck showing a 10 of swords upside down (meaning: Inevitable End) and a sensor that shook the table one I had stood there for too long.  You traveled down this tiny hallway where you waited to enter the experience.  I couldn't help but be reminded of my experience in Haunted House management and thought how perfect this hallway size was - just big enough to ward off claustrophobia but not big enough to feel safe standing next to the walls.

Now, let me preface the remainder of the blog: I have experience behind the curtain at a haunted house.  The Captain always says that once I've worked behind the curtain, I have a hard time seeing the event without analyzing it.

As you continue into the experience, you enter into even smaller hallways - good touch, and are asked to navigate a few turns with flickering lights.  This is very standard haunted house, and it was well done.  Doors which moved on their own were padlocked from your side (the outside) indicating that you, or someone, were determined to keep something locked inside.  Once you reached the next portion of the experience, you needed direction into your private room.  This is where I became quite impressed with the experience.  Your private room was no bigger than a port-o-potty and was fully decorated!  Mine had a child's walker toy, candles, multiple mirrors, and small clock.  Let me just say, I was petrified of Amelia's walker toy for just a bit when I got home.  

Your private room is where the experience becomes immersive as one mirror becomes a video screen playing on your anticipation.  Because of my experience in Haunted Houses, I spent my time in the little room pushing against the only door I could see in an attempt to block actors from scaring me.  Let me just say, that didn't stop the fear.  An attendant still found a way in my room, past my fool-proof "block the door" technique, and instructed me to put on a headset and goggles.  We'll talk about the tech behind the goggles later (and by "we" I really mean The Captain). 

What was the result of this experience?  I think this tech may be the future of multiple industries including haunted houses. I also realize how important closed spaces are to the effect of an art "scare." This experience only allowed one person at a time so you did not have the option of having a "front of line" sacrificial person.  The designers of this experience truly understood and utilized a person's anticipation to elicit a scare.  Effective art touches on the senses and emotions to elicit an artist's intent.  Into the Further 4D Experience capitalized on effective set dressings, spacial effect on a person's emotion, isolation, and lighting.  It was a truly effective Haunted House experience.  Hope to see you at the movies!

Thanks to Dallas Comic Con for press access to the Convention and a special thanks to the folks at Insidious: Into the Further 4D Experience for the footage.  Exquisitely Geek does not own any of the video footage shown.  Exquisitely Geek was not compensated for the above review.

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