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If you have been a long time reader, you will remember last year when I went off on a super monstrous "camp kick." It mostly stems from the fact that I work in museum education and we hold camps throughout the summer. This year we are only hosting two, Medieval Madness Camp in June and Tinker Camp in July.

We will chat more about Tinker Camp later, but for now let's talk Medieval Madness Camp. Our theatre camps are cultural exploration camps. This year our script is "King Artie and the Knights of the Rad Table." Adorable Right? 
Thanks to the subject matter of camp I have been looking at many different depictions of King Arthur. King Arthur begins appearing in Welsh and Breton sources. The King himself lives in the late fifth or early sixth century, but his actual existence is still highly debated. 

I have been looking into artistic depictions of King Arthur and infamous others and I'm actually finding them quite fascinating. 

Merlin dictating his prophecies to his scribe, Blaise. Robert de Boron's Merlin en prose; 1200.

James Archer, La Mort D'Arthur, oil pointing 1850. 

Merlin introduces Galahad to Arthur and the Round Table. BnF MS Francias 343. 

Edward Burne-Jones. The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon, 1881-98.

Statue of King Arthur, Hogkirche, Innsbruck by Albrect Durer and cast by Peter Vischer the Elder; 1520. 

I am excited about showing students how literature and visual arts have transformed through the ages. I love seeing student's faces when they see books written roughly five hundred years ago!  I'll be back on Friday for another High 5! Until then, and as always, stay exceptionally chic and exquisitely geek!

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