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Recently Exquisitely Geek was nominated for the Liebster Award by dePepi!!! WOWzers. 

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Then Liebster Award is an award given to bloggers by other bloggers. It's existence is very very very similar to one of those chain letter IM's we all used to receive in  middle school. That being said, the premise is basically to help promote other blogs that you enjoy and deserve a larger following. At ExquisitelyGeek we are always excited to find new blogs, and to be honest the #liebsteraward hashtag on Twitter is like a treasure trove of awesomeness-reads for your day. 

Accepting the award involves answering some questions on our blog, so that you can get to know us better of course, and then nominating other blogs and asking them questions as well. So let's get to it!!!

Which is your childhood favorite sweet?

A2-D2: Here is the problem, I love all sweets. I don't really discriminate against any type of sugary happiness. No, like for reals. My favorite growing up, if I was forced a blog-point to narrow it down to only one, would have to be soft serve ice cream. I love ice cream in general, but soft serve... good gracious.
Seven of Ten: I would have to say the mystery flavor dum-dum.  Yep.  I was the kid who always chose the question mark wrapper and then secretly hoped for butterscotch! I'd like to pretend it was because I was so adventurous, but I really think I just liked the idea of someone else making the decision for me!

What Superhero are you? (Or would like to be?)
A2-D2: Well, I know this is cheating a bit, but I never really think of myself as a super hero. I have always thought of myself as the accomplice. Consider me the Pepper Potts to any Iron Man. I'm super controlling, well organized, and generally logical about the task at hand...and some how I always manage to end up in some sort of clumsy danger.
Seven of Ten: I think I'd like to be a mix between Black Widow and Hawkeye.  I'd like Black Widow's moves and Hawkeye's skill with a bow and arrow.  I think this super sandwich would satisfy my interest in aerial arts and archery! 

Do you collect anything geeky? What?
A2-D2: I have a pretty gnarly collection of "snarky" nerd t-shirts. Mostly Star Wars because that is generally where my heart lies, but there is some Dr. Seuss, Doctor Who, American History, and Chemistry shirts thrown in the mix. The Ninja constantly makes fun of me for picking up super obscure shirts that only 4% of the worlds population would actually find humorous. 
Seven of Ten: I collect geeky art from artists that I find at comic cons or in Etsy shops. I'm a self-proclaimed minimalist nerd.  What I mean by this is that none of my friends doubt my "nerd cred," but I don't wear it on my sleeve (or t-shirt).  The art helps me stay nerdy on a number of levels while keeping my minimalist goals! 

Which Potter character do you think defines you the most?

A2-D2: I'm probably a mix of Luna and Hermione. Like a healthy mix. Take the best qualities from those two and smush them into an A2-D2 sandwich and that's me. Throw the crazy qualities in the compost pile. 
Seven of Ten: Neville! Without a doubt! I was always that clumsy, bumbling, child. Despite my awkwardness, there was (and is) a distinct loyalty and intelligence underneath that simply lacked the confidence to come to the forefront immediately. But you threaten my friends or things I care about dearly, watch yourself!

What is your favorite Superhero movie quote?
A2-D2: "Intelligence is a privilege and needs to be used for the greater good of people." Doctor Octopus
Seven of Ten: "You will be different, sometimes you'll feel like an outcast, but you'll never be alone." Superman Returns

Which is your favorite comic/manga? Why?
A2-D2: Alas, the standard answer. I have only really read two comics/mangas recently. Both label me as a nerd follower. Ugh. But I did really enjoy them both, see comics aren't really in my wheelhouse so for me to read one it has to be HIGHLY recoommended. Oh, you know what is coming don't you? The Walking Dead & Attack on Titan. Guilty....guilty as charged. 
Seven of Ten: Well, A2-D2 has me beat here. I've never read any - regardless of recommendation. You can judge me for's okay.

That time when you where the only geek in the room. How did you notice it?

A2-D2: The crickets that followed my "timey whimey" joke were a pretty dead giveaway...
Seven of Ten: When I wrote my 5th grade class president speech and based it off of the Star Trek: Next Generation monologue.  True Story.

What book can describe best your childhood?
A2-D2: For sure, hands down, I am a child of my generation. I mean...I lived for the next release of Harry Potter books. Lived. The boy that lived. Hahaha, see what I did there? 
Seven of Ten: Madeline L'Engle's books! Tesseracts, traveling through time, a smart (mouthed) female protagonist - childhood gold in my bookshelf!

Which is your favorite cocktail? (You can add the recipe).
A2-D2: I'm a big fan of the classically refreshing and always minty delicious Mojito
Seven of Ten: My friends always joke that I'm the manliest girl at the bar based on my bar order.  I'm either a whisky, served neat, or a rum and coke. My current whisky obsession is actually a local brew called witherspoon - it works well by itself or in a mixed drink.

Which is your favorite Middle Earth folk?
A2-D2: I would have to go with Elves. I mean, they are stunning, their language is beautiful, they break the mold as far as other elves go, and their written language is stunning. I mean...there may be some elvish on a wedding band in the joke. 
Seven of Ten: The Orcs. Now wait a minute, let me explain! There is a wonderful power there just waiting to be explored! There is still some debate as to if they are evil in their own right, but I believe they are just living the only life they have ever known. Could you imagine the books if there had been an orc strike! They are truly a group waiting for the right leader.

How many geek tees do you own? Which is your favorite one?
A2-D2: Please refer to the collection question! ;-) I probably have 75 to 100. My favorite is a WootShirt that has Darth Vader making breakfast for the twins while wearing a "World's Greatest Father" apron! 
Seven of Ten: Like I mentioned in the collection question, I'm very much a minimalist. My favorite tee is a Star Trek tee with the starfleet insignia on the front.  It is light blue and looks great paired with a blazer!

So, we are nominating the following bloggers for The Liebster:

  1. Sylvanfire - Geeky Mom
  2. The Geeky Burrow - Self-proclaimed Memory Keeper
  3. Geekarella - Gaming, DIY, and Cocktails
  4. Mommy and the Books - Books! Glorious Books!
  5. Somethings Zuray - Pakistanian Doctor by day, Blogger by night!
  6. A Life More Kawaii - Angie's list oriented blog makes her entries fun and light
  7. 6ft in Heels - Yoga and Tea! Seven of Ten was sold immediately!
  8. Nerdy Ninja Platypus - 13 year old trapped in a 25 year old body and blogging about it
  9. Flirty Dirty and Oh So Nerdy - More books and musings on nerdy life
  10. Foxy Geek - Nerdy life meets Geeky fashion
  11. Geek Chic Vegas - Nerdy roundup focused in Vegas
Go check them out, follow them on social media, and show some love! So, what do nominees need to do?
  1. Link back to who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions the nominator asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
  4. Create 11 questions for the 11 folks in step 3.
  5. Notify your nominees!
Questions for our nominees are:
  1.  What is your best book recommendation and why?
  2.  What are your top five "fandoms"?
  3.  If you could be one fictional character for 24 hours, who would it be?
  4. Do you collect anything geeky?
  5. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
  6. What is your current Netflix binge?
  7. You're on a desert island, what book or movie do you bring with you?
  8. If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
  9. If you could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, who would you choose?
  10. Doctor Who, Sherlock, or Supernatural?
  11. Star Wars or Star Trek?

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