What Goes into a Cosplay

This spring, I spent some time walking you through the construction of my Kaylee Cosplay. Though this was, by no means, what I would consider a large sew Cosplay, it did take a number of hours to assemble and detail, but it seemed to go rather quickly since I built it over the course of many months.  I didn't really think of this specific blog until I was getting ready for Dallas Comic Con and saw the time and supplies that went into what I considered a simple Cosplay. (Please note that I consider this a simple Cosplay mainly because I wasn't having to help Madame Vastra transition from human to Silurian).  So, what goes into a Cosplay the day of?

The night before, there is a rough test of the photo readiness of the completed Cosplay. For me, this consisted of a very lose hair trial, a check of my proposed shirt and general undergarments.  After this test, I learned that I needed to add running shorts under the jumpsuit and I found that, even with a center part, the left side of my hair is thicker - that needed to be adjusted for in my final hair style.

The day of starts with a makeup and hair creation at the battle station of the day.  Hair and makeup took about one (1) full hour the day of.  Considering my work makeup takes about 15 minutes, this was a big deal for me.  

Hair was especially interesting for me sheerly from the number of bobby pins that it took to hold up a Kaylee bun - 11 bobby pins per bun. Yep, I had 22 bobby pins in my hair.

After the battle station prep, hair, and putting on my undergarments (running shorts and shirt), it was time to put on the completed jumpsuit!  This was my final look:

So, ignoring the build time the Kaylee Cosplay required:
  • 30 minutes the night before for a camera ready check
  • 1 hour hair and makeup the day of
  • 22 bobby pins
It was a ton of fun and I'm already preparing my next build! It'll be a group Cosplay with The Captain and Amelia.  I can't wait!  Until next time, stay exceptionally chic!

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