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Last year A2-D2 and I experimented with switching midway through the year so that we would both have the opportunity to provide you with coverage of the topics.  We wanted to find a way to make sure that there was never only one side to a topic, and this also gives you the opportunity to discover a bit more about both A2-D2 and I!  So, until the end of the year, I will be covering Art/History Mondays, Family Wednesdays, and a High 5.

When we made this switch last year, A2-D2 and I learned a number of things about ourselves and how we felt with the topics. For Art/History, specifically, I always felt out of my element.  A2-D2 works in an art museum and lives on historical novels and documentaries.  I, who majored in non-profit management and live in the science fiction world found the Art/History Monday a bit stressful.

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 Last year, I tried to keep to the same type of posts that A2-D2 provided, but I quickly realized that this was just not me.  So, I've learned, and though I will still be giving you content rich posts on Art/History Mondays, I wanted to make sure you knew what to expect.  Art/History Mondays will cover novels, history in the making, and items that I find generally noteworthy in some fashion!

Don't worry, if you love A2-D2's posts on Art/History Monday's I won't kill the concept, I'm simply bringing my own theatre loving science fiction world to it (and to you)! If you're willing to keep an open and broad concept of Art alive with me for the next few months, I promise some amazing content, and maybe even a few giveaways!  I can't wait to get started with you!

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