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Anime is a fandom that I have not embraced.  Honestly, it seemed daunting - elaborate cosplay, most often subtitled, and from a culture I know embarrassingly little about. While at Fan Expo Dallas, I couldn't ignore the sheer number of anime cosplay and the representation of this fandom at booths from art, to celebrities, to memorabilia. I decided it was time for me to overcome my fear and give the fandom a chance! I had the opportunity to speak with Godswill (yep, that's his real name) at the Funimation booth and asked "why should we be watching anime?" and he had some amazing insight to the fandom.

Godswill believes that anime has the ability to do everything live action can do, but anime has the ability to take it further.  Godswill believes "CGI can only do so much," and I completely agree! Who hasn't seen bad CGI? Godswill says that anime has a long history of creating battles and scenes that CGI attempts, and has not only mastered these elements but has also found a medium where the effects are realistic and believable.

Godswill also believes you can find exceptionally artistic stories and scripting in anime. "Anime exemplifies [and explores] emotion." Godswill admits that he has cried, experienced joy, and even been moved to positive personal change because of anime.  Anime is not afraid to explore the human condition, but many people put it off believing animation to be an inferior form of storytelling.

So, where should you start? Godswill had a few suggestions (click on the image to find how to watch each suggested title):

1) Cowboy Bebop, set in the year 2071, follows the adventures of a bounty hunter crew on their spaceship "Bebop." It was the first anime title to be broadcast on Adult Swim, and many people theorize that it was the concept for Firefly.
Image from Funimation

2) Found on the brink of defeat before conquering the world, The Devil finds himself in modern-day Tokyo. With his magic severely hindered, The Devil must make ends meet by flipping burgers at a local fast food joint. Devil is a Part Timer follows The Devil as he conquers minimum wage employment! The Captain and I currently have this in our Netflix cue!

Image from Funimation

3) Supernatural assassins have become the newest form of covert agent, but their loyalties are always in question because they live on the edge of the underworld and reality.  Darker than Black explores deeper themes like "Are there ever reasons to kill?" "Are criminals still people?" "Do criminals have humanity?" For people wanting a deeper look into Anime and what the genre can explore in terms of themes, this is a great starter!
Image from Funimation

Godswill does recommend that you take it easy as you start the genre.  If you like one of the above titles, he suggest that you check out the work of Hiyao Miyazaki next! Let us know your anime suggestions to add to the list!

Thanks to Fan Expo Dallas for the press pass access, and a special thanks to Godswill and Funimation! We can't wait to start delving into this fandom!

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