I always envy people who can complete the #365 challenges on Facebook and Instagram.  Those people who can remember to document moments from everyday, no matter how mundane, for 365 consecutive days!  I've always loved following them because it always turns into such an insightful and personal look into the day to day.  As an artist, and general lover of people, it's the day to day that has always captivated my attention.  Between us, between friends, I'm not the kind of person that can remember to do something consecutively for that many days.  It just isn't in me.

One of my favorite #365 projects was actually done by a director I worked with in the past.  His project was #365coffees. In this project (which you can find on Facebook and Instagram through the hashtag) began as a documentation of his "addiction" with coffee and has become a living document of how sharing this drink with friends can bring people together and help break the ice.
Photo property of Raymond Zilberberg

Enter The Nerdy Girlie and her fascination with Futurama.  The Nerdy Girlie has begun a trip called #100CupsofCoffee to honor Fry's attempt to drink 100 cups of coffee in a day.  Though she doesn't plan to do this in one day, she does plan to document as many cups per day as possible. Here's the rub...I despise coffee.

In an attempt to give you a glimpse into the life, and join The Nerdy Girlie, I'll be working on #100CupsofTea! You'll be able to follow daily on my Instagram (GeekSevenofTen) to see the scenario that brings me to each individual cup, but I'll also be checking back with you occasionally through Art Mondays.  Here are a few to start you out:

Follow me on Instagram to catch a backstory on every cup, and be sure to check back on Friday for this week's high 5!

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  1. Love this! Let me know if you need any recommendations or need any help with this! I drink about 10 cups or more a day at least! :)

  2. Nichole - I'm always looking for a tea recommendation (this is why I love your blog!). You're welcome to join in if you have an instagram account. Just hashtag #100cupsoftea and #ExquisitelyGeek!