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I feel like I have so much to tell you guys!!! This is one of those casual Instagram posts from the last couples weeks. I wrote my last High 5 on Fashion before I even left for Washington two weeks ago!

 So, here are a few things that have happened... 

I got to hang out with my lovely colleagues in Washington D.C. for a week. We attended a conference, went to the Newseum, and I may have stumbled upon my wedding dress. 

When I got home from D.C. my parents gave me my birthday gift. Holy Moly. This sweet AT-AT is as big as Lily the Guard Dog and bigger than both the cats. I am still trying to figure out exactly what I am going to do with it...

I found this sweet gem last week. This is my cousin Christina (or Nikki to the fam!) We are 3 months apart and clearly we have always adored each other. I got to spend some time with her over the Fourth of July holiday and again last week. 

Many of you may have noticed that Seven of Ten took over my Cosplay post last week. I so appreciate her stepping in and helping me out. My Lady (Grandmother) passed away last Tuesday and it has been a rough week. I always forget how much I look like her until I see all the "old timey pictures" as Treyson calls them. She had been ill for a while so my family has solace knowing she is no longer suffering, but my heart aches to spend Sunday afternoons with her forever. 

The past two weeks we have been working on Tinker Camp. We have 25 students working to rebuild the London skyline at 53 times smaller than real life. We had a student leave camp early so I stepped in and made The Tower of London...and it's awesome! 

I will see you guys again on Wednesday for a Cosplay wrap up from SDCC. Until then, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek! 

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