It's Friday, and I'm a Con-aholic

It's Friday, and today I want to admit something to you:

I am a Comic Con art shopaholic.

People go to comic con for many reasons, but my specific reason (besides the Cosplay aspect) is to discover and purchase work from artists that I would not know of otherwise.  Today, I'd like to share with you 5 of my favorite Comic Con art purchases.  There's also a linkup at the bottom for any bloggers who are participating in The Nerdy Girlie 5 Fandom Friday!

( 1) Star Trek: Enterprise and (2) Star Trek: Next Generation art by Jason Oakes.  You can find more about Jason Oakes and his work on my previous blog - check it out here. We used Jason's work in our nursery, and I'm planning on moving it to the master bedroom when Amelia is old enough to have a designing opinion for her room!

 (3) In the moment sketches. I hate to say that I don't remember which artist drew this, but this is a sketch of Amelia at her first Comic Con.  There was an artist at Fan Expo Dallas promoting his new children's book, and we struck up a conversation with him.  We talked for a good 20 minutes, and he just loved that Amelia was at her first Comic Con.  he wouldn't let us leave without capturing the moment.

Hand made wares are also a weakness of mine, and buying something for Amelia at Comic Con was inevitable.  I couldn't pass up the (4) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and (5) Sherlock house shoes for babies!  Now, Amelia's nerd-tastic wardrobe is definitely in the works!

There are wonderful items that you can find at Comic Con - collectibles, Cosplay accessories, etc. but I will always have a soft spot for artist!

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  1. Those prints are stunning! What a great find!

    1. The prints are available through his website. Check out the link in the post. He does some great Star Wars work too!

  2. How great are your art pieces!! Such a special idea to collect.
    xx mal @

    1. I truly love collecting art! This allows me to have something very personal to the artist while still expressing my fandom!