My 5 Favorite Aliens

May 4, 2015 is when I began my journey:

Though I'm not nearly done, watching all of the great "alien encounters" has made me start thinking about my favorite aliens.  So, here are some of my favorite aliens for today's high 5!

1) Toy Story Aliens have a simplistic life that I do envy. They also possess the mob mentality similar to the minions!

2) The Borg have always been seen as a villain, and I truly understand that viewpoint since assimilation is both forced and violent, but I cannot blame them for wanting to achieve perfection through the accumulation of knowledge.

3) The Ood remind me of alien yogis - calm, intelligent, and wanting to serve others.

4) Vulcans are absolutely on my list.  They are indispensable in the Star Trek universe, and in Star Trek Enterprise (where I currently am in my Star Trek viewing mission) vulcans are a main character in the plot and on the ship, and I've developed a new love for them!

5) Finally, my favorite alien is Nibbler from Futurama because who doesn't need an alien pet?!

Next week, A2-D2 has her first fandom, and I'll be back with my first Family Wednesday!  See you then, and enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Great list for the fandom 5. The LGM made my list too. Crazy cute claw worshipping dudes!