The Fandom of Audio

Let's talk about podcasts for a bit. In last Wednesday's post I confessed that someone in my family calls me a "podcast hoarder" and honestly, I tried to argue with him... until I realized there was no point.

He's right. My name is A2-D2 and I have a problem.

I listen to so many different types of podcasts. Why do I like them? Well, that is tough to answer. To be honest, a guy I dated a few years ago suggested I try a few podcasts. He mostly mentioned it because I am continually looking for new historical information, but he created a monster. I listen to them continually. I have them streaming at my desk, in my car, in the kitchen, and while I heading to bed at night. I mean, just always. There is even a joke in the office that pretty much everything I suggest as an educational topic starts with the phrase "I was listening to a podcast..." 

And sadly, it's not really a's reality.

There is more than one podcast that I have listened to every episode of. It's kind of like a badge of honor for me. I like to complete things. Recently, the Ninja and I decided to follow Seven of Ten's lead and Cut the Cord and podcasts have been one of my saving graces. It is quite the adjustment, but I honestly I like it much more than having the television going all the time. I find myself playing more with Treyson and focusing more on tasks. I mean, I have been known to procrastinate pretty much any bit of housework for a Firefly marathon

So, I wanted to run through a list of podcasts that I am currently subscribed to. I have listen to far more than these, but sometimes you find yourself tired of something or deciding that the "show" is going in a direction that you didn't really anticipate originally. You will noticed that some of the podcasts that will be listed down below will seem...well, like they aren't quite me. First, don't judge, I am a multidimensional person. Secondly, they are probably for Treyson. I got a little tired of listening to Treyson complain about "another history podcast." There are a few that are explicit, so I can't listen to them with him in the car. 

I hope you find some new ear candy in this list. I'll see you guys on Friday for a High 5. Until then, and as always, stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek. 

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  1. I am SUCH a podhead! If you like Stuff You Missed in History, try Stuff Your Mom Never Told You; it's one of my favorites!

  2. Our co-owner, Seven of Ten, listens to Stuff Mom Never Told You and LOVES IT! Great suggestion! Anything that How Stuff Works makes generally ends up on one of our listen lists!