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So this morning I logged into Seven of Ten and I's joint blogging platform and "found" that she had basically stolen my idea. I'll have to have a discussion with her later about that. I wanted to start my first cosplay Wednesday of the "BIG Switch" with just a little of what you may come to expect from my posts...

So, as you may recall for you long time readers last year I made my first attempt at Cosplay and my first failure. The one thing that I have discovered about myself since we started this blog over 220+ posts ago is that I am merely a cosplay admirer, and that I am in no way an actual cosplayer. (Insert disappointment here.)

I love to see other peoples cosplays, explore the genres people choose from, and note their hair/makeup tips & tricks. All of those things are so interesting to me, but when it comes to sitting down and actually making a cosplay... no go. I have still never finished that awesome Penelope von Schweetz Skirt I started last summer. Actually I don't even know where it is anymore, I would imaging my closet has eaten it.

Sometimes, not really being into cosplay makes me feel, well it makes me feel of those fake geek girls...and that is simply the worst. We have a confessions series coming up soon that I will chat more about this in, but honestly, I wish I was more into cosplay; I really do. Time is so limited for me already, that it just seems like so much of an unnecessary burden. Ugh. Worst Attitude ever. Although I could say, that if I truly enjoyed it I would image that it would be more of a relaxation thing for me.

With that being said, for the second half of the year you are more likely to find tip and tricks in the beauty department to prep for Cosplays, product recommendations, Cosplay Collections based on Genres, or Everyday cosplays. Those types of things are more up my alley and so much fun for me to curate!

I hope you guys enjoy Seven of Ten's High 5 this week! I always love to check in and see what is going on in her life or what she is loving. Her Criminal podcast recommendation last Friday was awesome. Just the bandaid I needed until Serial comes back in the fall. Treyson calls me a "podcast hoarder" which I honestly fear is true. I have made it through 5 episodes of Criminal in 2 days... uh oh. I will see you guys again on Monday for some Fandom News...who knows, maybe we will explore Podcasts some more! Until then (and as always) stay exceptionally chic & exquisitely geek!

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